BackBlast 7.20 The Incubator @ Posh

PAX (20): Bob Ross, Brown Tail (R), Colonel Klink, Crop Duster (FNG), Double Down (R), Dry Rub, Dynomite, Focker, Holly Roller (R), Huggies, Iceman (R), Jewel, Jitterbug (R), Minnow, Natty Light, Nice and Slow, Nino, Stick Up, Uncle Rico, Violet (Q)

Warm Up: Mosey to Fountain.  5-minute dynamic warm up featuring 10 exercises executed for 30 seconds each.

  • Alternating High Kick
  • Abe Vigoda
  • Alternating Knee Tuck
  • Alternating Hip Turn Outs
  • Alternating Lunge with a Twist
  • Rising Torso Twist
  • Michael Phelps/Kendra Newman
  • Butt Kicks/High Knees


Thang 1: High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

  • Completed “all you got” 400 meter run from Fountain to soccer fields
  • Completed a HIIT set that included 10 x 1 minute rounds. Each exercise was executed for 40 secs followed by 20 seconds of active rest (High Knees).  PAX could modify active rest to jogging in place or walking in place as needed.


  • Round 1: Burpess
  • Round 2: Peter Parker Push Ups
  • Round 3: Heel Clicks
  • Round 4: Squat Jumps
  • Round 5: Mountain Climbers
  • Round 6: Merkin to Dry Dock
  • Round 7: Crab Toe Touch
  • Round 8: Tuck Jumps
  • Round 9: Flutter Kick
  • Round 10: Jump Lunge 


Thang 2: Step Up and Step Out

  • PAX partnered up and secured a bench along the side of soccer fields.
  • PAX 1 ran width of soccer field, performed the specified exercise, and ran back to bench
  • PAX 2 completed step ups or box jumps
  • Switch roles until each PAX completes the round
  • Completed 3 total rounds


  • Round 1: PAX 1 = Merkins x 25, PAX 2 = Step Up with Right Leg leading
  • Round 2: PAX 1 = Flutter Kicks x 25 (IC), PAX 2 = Step Up with Leg Leading
  • Round 3: PAX 1 = Merkins x 25, PAX 2 = Box Jumps


Thang 3: Half Mile Run from Soccer Field to Bridge

  • PAX were divided into 2 groups based on mile run pace. The group with a mile run pace of 10:00 per mile or greater was given a 1 minute head start.
  • Completed Side Straddle Hops until all PAX completed the run
  • Mosey to Flag


Thang 4: MARY

  • Hold 6” for 30 seconds
  • Flutter Kicks x 10 (IC)
  • Freddy Mercury x 10 (IC)
  • LBC x 10 (IC)
  • Elevators
  • Flutter Kicks x 10 (IC)


 COR, NOR, COT: Announcements included monthly ruck (July 24). Lifted up leadership for our households, community, government, and country and asked the Lord to allow us to be quick to listen and slow to speak.  God Bless!

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