Back-Blast – Bag of Wrenches – The O – 7/14/20

This BB got away from me a little(i.e. I forgot). That doesn’t mean that I wasn’t excited to get back out to The O and lead the fine HIM that make up that group. I don’t get there often enough but it’s always fun to do so.

We started off with a mosey lap and then circled up for COP. Standard warm-up:

25 X SSH

Downward Dog – Rt over LT, LT over RT

25 x Plank Jacks

25 x MC’s

25 x Merkins

Partner Work:

P1 runs coupon to end of tennis courts and does 6 Burpee Block Jump Overs and 12 Thrusters

P2 Does 5 Merkins w/ a clap and elbow planks until P1 returns

AMRAP for 25 minutes

Mosey lap

Next set was a Plyometric round of 30 seconds on / 30 seconds off

Jump Squats

Jump Lunges

Squat Jacks

Merkins w/ a clap

We hit 2 full sets and then circled up at the flag for announcements, intentions, etc.

Thanks for the invite guys. I appreciate it and look forward to the next time.


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