BB Pelican Q BoW 7.21.20

I could not wait for my first trip to the O. I had been meaning to get out there before I Q’d but I try to make most of Backflop’s Qs and he Qs just about every day so it didn’t happen. Thankfully I talked to Viking and Meter Maid the day before or I would have showed up at the basketball courts instead of the tennis courts this morning. I woke up early as I knew I had a longer trip ahead of me. For the O guys—the County isn’t as far as you think, come visit us soon. For the County guys—the O is SO far away. You should go there but fill up on gas, pee before you leave and maybe even change your oil.

Luckily I saw Russ planting the flags and Meter pulling in when I arrived so I knew right where to go. PAX starting rolling in soon and we ended with 13 including me. They were-Violet or was it Vincent, wait it was both, Diablo, Motor Boat, Handbook, Russdiculous, Hush Puppy, Flo Jo, Tron (thought he was just a computer not a real dude), Meter Maid, Captain Insano, Sump Pump,and me.

We put our coupons on the tennis court before we headed on a short mosey. Once done we circled up in the tennis courts for COP.

Started with Toy Soldiers-CI made the comment he knew I was from the County as that’s a County staple for COP. Got news for you all, Jolly’s in charge of 1st F now and it will soon be a requirement for the entire region for COP. If you’ve been on some recent texts with Jolly you know he plans to rule with an iron fist.Way easier than SSH so don’t worry. We did 11 IC cause I forgot to stop at 10.

Copperhead squats-10 IC

Grass Grabbers-10 IC

Michael Phelps and Kendra Newmans OYo

Downward dog and stuff

Then we set up for the first Thang—sweet 16. Every minute you do 16 reps alternating between broad jumps and thrusters each minute. Sump Pump or Handbook or maybe it was Airplane (it wasn’t Airplane he never comes to my Qs or reads my backblasts apparently) commented that I play the same shit every time I Q. Not sure who it was because Russ forgot to pay the light bill but between the 3 of them they have been to 2 of my Qs (1 each for SP and HB, 0 for AP). I’ll have whoever that was know I have two playlists—one for Basketball Qs and one for all other Qs. I also add a song or two every few months to the regular Q list. Also I play it in shuffle mode so you never know what song is next. Also CI said he liked the songs…Lastly I tried a new playlist recently and it sucked, Taylor Swift and more is not a good playlist and even Dauber admitted that. Anyway if you are still reading this you have a special place in my heart. The Sweet Sixteens were tough—the jumps became bunny hops as they always do at the end of this workout.

Finished those and it was on to 11s—which were plank jack merkins and up/backs. We split up across the 4 tennis courts -6 on one end and 7 on the other. I didn’t give great instructions because the intent was to run across two courts and not all four so we could keep our distance and not run 8 miles. I quickly corrected it once I saw it getting crowded on our end. A couple of these studs finished all of them, I did not but I made it to close to whatever Flo Jo was on. I lost count each round and just did whatever he was doing. A few times I went and checked the time on my phone to make sure we were on schedule. Well that’s what I wanted everyone to think but it was the equivalent of Crockpot taking pictures during a face melter at the Loco.

We finished up with some light stretching before we did countarama, name o rama, announcements and intentions. I shared with the group how they have helped my mental clarify during these uncertain times (I didn’t say those exact words but I think Abacus doesn’t like that term, also doubt he reads past the headline here). Encourage someone to get out for the first time or get back out.

We wrapped with some great mumble chatter, Motor Boat asked how much a coupon weighs. Told him 30-35 lbs but mine is 36 lbs, which is kind of a joke but since I sweat so much it’s probably true. I’m glad Russ invited me out and can’t wait for him to come to the Nest on 8/8.



PS-CI said the workout was good on slack, if a compliment from Catfish on your Q is like getting one from Snoop and MJ getting one from CI is like getting one from LeBron and some other famous rapper as good as Snoop (if that exists).

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