Backblast 7/23/20 Agony @the County; Cochran Q


First, shout out to the Sky Q for keeping that rain in the clouds for almost the entire workout!  Fourteen posted at the Agony this morning.  Pax:  Pelican, Le Pew, Double Down (R), Hush Puppy, Bulletin (R), Tidwell, Little Jerry (R), Jerry Maguire (R), Wild Flower, Fungi, Cratchit, Holy Roller (R), Brown Water, Cochran (Q).

They said I couldn’t deliver sweat and culture in a single package.  So before leaving the house this morning, I stared at the mirror until I convinced myself that my package would be good enough for everyone.  Today was a tribute to musicals.  Mainly because I assumed that with this theme I wouldn’t have to worry that I was stealing a Q theme someone else had already used.  Quick aside for anyone who wasn’t there:  I don’t know anything about musicals.  But now everyone who posted will be drinking with his pinkie out.  We are some truly refined gents, and Frasier Crane can eat his heart out.

I tried to set the tone by wearing my second-best traditional colonial outfit, which turned out to be a great decision that I don’t regret at all.  We started with a French Revolution-inspired mosey (“baguenader” si vous parlez français) with the sultry tones of Wolverine, Maximum Decimus, and Borat from the Les Mis soundtrack.  We warmed up with Good Mornings, Grass Grabbers, Abe Vigodas, Finkle Swings, Kindra Newmans, and Michael Phelps.

Then I went all grab bag on the exercises the first half of the workout.  We defied gravity through step-ups/box jumps rotating to holding Superman as the wickedly talented Idina Menzel wailed in support.  I revived Bobby Hurleys (sports are ALMOST back) in deference to Lin Manuel Miranda’s pleas not to throw away our shots.  I even threw in a middle-of-the-workout Jack Webb to keep everyone alert (with more Hamilton).

Thang 2 was a circuit of completing reps of monkey humpers, dips, and derkins followed by a lap around the parking lot.  We did that until it was time to circle up for Mary enhanced by the synth rock of the Phantom of the Opera.

In his cruelty, Holy Roller invented a plank jack burpee for Mary.  Of course, he never would have had a chance to do so, but Brown Water sadistically “deferred” to Holy Roller to pick an exercise before we ran out of time—so it turns out that the workout even gave Faust a head nod.  I don’t normally do this, but at the end we took a vote, and everyone agreed that it was fabulous.  Cochran out.

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