BB-Tidwell’s VQ-The Nest @ the County 7.25.20 (as told by Pelican)

Ok I’m going to write Tidwell’s backblast for him cause even though he inspired and led 28 of us this day he’s still just 15. I had the opportunity to help him get ready for his VQ and I was absolutely honored. I still don’t think he knew he could have chose someone else but hey I’ll take it. Think the same thing happened when my M married me.

Anyways we had exchanged some slack messages and talked about this workout at the County leading up to the big day. Tidwell had a plan in mind and I helped him fill in the pieces and execute. We hyped up his workout all week long and dubbed it a whiteout. For those of you who aren’t aware his mom is battling lung cancer and white is the color for that battle. I showed up with a gray Arizona Cardinals (ya know cause Tidwell played for them) shirt but unlike Brown Water & Backflop I had a white shirt on underneath it. Oh Double Down and Asian Zing too—not even sure why I wrote a pre blast. My white shirt was a 76ers shirt, Tidwells favorite team and a huge rival of the Pelicans. The PAX started rolling in as we finished setting up and there ended up being 28 for the workout.

Meter Maid
Jolly Rancher
Holy Roller (R)
Brown Water
Uncle Sam (R)
Big Bird
Bulletin (R)
Jerry Maguire (R)
Double Down (R)
Brown Tail (R)
Spyda 2.0 (FNG)
No Doze (FNG)
Bob Sugar (FNG)
Hush Puppy
Asian Zing (R)
Bull Rider
Tidwell (Q)

We started with a short mosey around the islands and then got into COP with Tidwell and I taking turns calling out exercises.

Toy Soldiers

Grass grabbers

Copper head squats

Imperial Walkers

Michael Phelps/Kendra Newmans

Downward dog and stuff

We then broke up into teams of 5 and got ready for station work which were spread across the county. At each station you started with 10 reps of two exercises and then 5 burpees or manmakers depending on if a coupon was there. The stations were Calf Raises/ Plan Jack Merkins/ Burpees, Box/Jumps/Dips/Burpees, Dry Docks/Squats/Burpees, Derkins/One Legged Squats/Burpees, and Curls, Thrusters/Manmakers. Each time you went around you added 10 and 5 reps to your count. This was tough, it was humid and 30 Thrusters is excessive but we all got better. There was some awesome mumble chatter in our group which isn’t shocking given Gilligan and his off color humor was there. Abacus said some things I haven’t heard from Abacus and I won’t repeat cause you wouldn’t believe me (and I don’t remember them exactly).

We finished up with most of the groups getting through 3 rounds. We had forgot to tell everyone the losing groups had to run suicides so we all just took turns running while we worked on abs.

Tidwell wrapped us up with some gas pumps and I called flutter kicks.

Then we did count o rama, name o rama, intentions and announcements.

Brown Tail shared with us the impact the group has made on him in just a few weeks, Abacus shared what we are doing in support of Hope Scarves and then we got to the jersey presentation.

I can’t remember what exactly I said but basically Tidwell has made a huge impact on all of us at the County this summer. He gets up 3 days or more a week and comes out to the County (with Jerry Maguire!) to improve himself. He’s 15 years old but he’s so impressive, respectful and thoughtful. He’s inspired us all to continue to improve ourselves and we all have his back. His dad (welcome Bob Sugar) fought cancer before and now his mom is fighting it. I went through the same thing recently as a 35 year old and it was tough, imagine being 15. Anyways again we are all so impressed by him and wanted to doing something special for him. He’s a big NBA and 76ers fan so we took up a collection and got him a Tidwell 15 throwback 76ers jersey. We had an extra $60 so donated that to Vandy’s cancer center where his mom has gone for treatment. Can’t say enough times how proud of him I was yesterday and of all the PAX for their support. It was another one of those special days at the County. I for one can’t wait to see where life takes Tidwell and feel pretty sure he will do something great, in fact he already has.

In closing I have a few words directly from Tidwell-Ok. I haven’t seen any of the back blasts. So can you just say thanks everyone for coming out and that means a lot to me and my family. Pelican you are awesome and by far the coolest person at the County. Dauber sucks and he shouldn’t be so mean to you. Snoop is a really good musician.

Ok, most of that was directly from him. I can’t wait for the next Tidwell Q!


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