7/23/20 BB Inferno @ The Station

It was a great morning to get up and get work done. 75 degrees with 80% humidity at 530am! Who else is getting all sweaty just thinking about that? Oh well, lets get moving.

Jolly Rancher
Captain Crunchberry
Stick Up (Q)

Disclaimer was given and social distancing was emphasized. We took a mosey over behind the church for some warm ups. Instead of the standard warm up we did some form running just to get loose.

High knees to grass grabbers (IC) and back
Butt Kicks to Abe Vergodas (IC) and back
Walking Toy Soldiers to Imperial Walkers (IC) and Back

After getting warm we lined up along one end of the parking and instructions were given as follows:

Run to the other end and do 50 (IC) SSH run back for 50 Bobby Hurleys. Continue to run back and forth with SSH (IC) at one end matching the reps of the list of exercises at the other.

50 Bobby Hurleys
45 IW Squats
40 Bonnie Blairs
35 Lunges
30 Burpees
(Repeat this pattern from 25 – 5)

Time was called and we headed back to the flags for Count O Rama, Name O Rama, Announcements, Intentions, and Words of Thanks.

I was an honor to lead these HIMs on this particular morning and I am grateful for the opportunity!

-Stick Up

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