The Station’s BackBlast from 7/30 – LePew Q

Today we did a modified Murph at the Firehouse with 15 PAX. I was fortunate to meet flip flop again for the fifth time, he’s an amazing guy and been an FNG every workout for the last two months in my mind.


  1. Brown Water
  2. Backflop
  3. Honey Do
  4. Jolly Rancher
  5. Hush Puppy
  6. Little Jerry
  7. Double Down
  8. Abacus
  9. Cochran
  10. Bulletin
  11. Flipflop
  12. Captain Crunchberry
  13. Metermaid
  14. Fungi
  15. Le Pew (QIC)

I was able to negotiate with the train engineer by the County to stop on the tracks so as to get a larger turnout at The Station than normal. It worked perfectly because we had 15 HIMs show up, several of whom would have posted at The County (sorry Crockpot, I play dirty brother)

I began the Q with a quick disclosure, a brief explanation of the Murph, and then we hit it immediately at 0530.

There was no COP, we just ran right from the start – about 3/8 mile.

The group circled up after the first 3/8 mile and we performed 10 flutter kicks while waiting on the 6. First round of Merkins and Squats:

  • 20 Merkins in Cadence (40 total)
  • 60 squats

The PAX then hustled back to home base, bringing us to about 3/4 mile total running distance. At that point, we did about 15 more flutterkicks then got after the main event:

  • 20 overhead press with coupons (the Murph mod)
  • 60 squats (120 total so far)
  • 20 Merkins in cadence (80 total so far)
  • 20 overhead press (40 total)
  • 60 squats (180 total)
  • 20 Merkins in Cadence (120 total)
  • 20 overhead press (40 total)

We were pretty beat at this point and started asking the PAX for 10 counts. Shout out to Honey Do – sorry I overlooked you brother. As a break, we ran another 3/8 of a mile run bringing our total to just over 1.2 miles run. During the run Cochran offered help in counting in cadence and I’m grateful for that – I was getting exhausted and he recognized I needed the lift: iron sharpens iron. We all got back to home base for the next sets:

  • 20 overhead press (60 total)
  • 60 squats (240 total)
  • 20 Merkins in cadence (160 total) (Brown Water and Double Down thanks for the help counting)
  • 20 overhead press (80 total)
  • Then we ran again…

After reaching the 1 3/4 milestone, we finished up our Merkins and Squats:

  • 20 Merkins in cadence (200 total)
  • 60 squats (300 total)
  • Run back to base (2.14 total – thank you Little Jerry for tracking it)
  • 20 overhead presses
  • 40 flutter kicks in cadence to close it down


Intentions were lifted to raise awareness of people battling mental health. A friend of Cochran has a loved one who took their life. In honor of her and her family, remain vigilant for opportunities to offer encouragement to those around you; we may never know how meaningful a smile, kind gesture or sincere compliment can be.

Hope Scarves: Abacus and Airplane have done amazing work raising awareness of the Hope Scarves organization that is dedicated to cancer treatment and improving the experience of cancer patients.

The modified Murph was inspired to honor the men and women in our armed services, along with the police officers, firefighters and EMTs on the front lines whose hard work and dedication allow us to enjoy the freedom and prosperity our country affords us. In their honor I recited Teddy Roosevelt’s “Man in the Arena” because it’s not the critic who counts, but those men and women who are actually in the area who do.

Before breaking, the PAX all put their hands on their hearts and proudly recited the Pledge of Allegiance together.

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