Back Blast – BlackOps at Chapel Lake Park – 08/04/2020

I had to adjust my alarms a little bit this morning to make sure I would rise from the fartsack in time to meet up with Captain Crunchberry to clown car across the river.  Google Maps told me 28 minutes to Chapel Lake Park from my house – so, decided to schedule the clown car to depart at 4:50am not too far from the crib.  This way I had a few extra minutes when arriving at the park to do some scouting.

As I departed the house, I made sure to go through my traveling checklist for international travel to make sure I packed everything:

  • Boarding pass
  • Passport [not expiring within 6-months of travel date]
  • Carry-on luggage was an acceptable size
  • No batteries packed in my luggage

Captain Crunchberry offered to drive as he helped pick up a few extra coupons.  So when we met up I made sure he had a recent oil change and a full tank of gas…just in case.  We made it to the security checkpoint and border control…errr, I mean the park [after missing one turn after the 902nd stop sign] around 5:15am – perfect for scouting.

My FNG co-worker showed up around 5:20am – LOVE THE EAGERNESS! – and then Grinder and Plumb Bob [like true Mutters at heart] showed up right around 5:29:45am.  Amazing work, gentlemen.

For those not keeping a record, the PAX included:

  • Captain Crunchberry
  • Grinder
  • Plumb Bob
  • FNG – more on him later
  • Jolly Rancher

Disclaimer was provided and time was called at 5:30am.  Plumb Bob was nice enough to share a map with me in advance of the park since it is so new.  Looks like he guesstimated about a 1/2 mile around the lake – so we started with that.  But, about half-way into it I began to think maybe that was a 1.2 mile lap around the lake…because that is what it felt like.  Either way, we moved and it was a great view.  Side note:  I did learn that Google Maps actually has an aerial of the park in construction whereas Apple Maps does not – just an FYI for future visits.  


After the lap, we gathered next to the pavilion for some further warm-ups which included:

  • SSH – 20x, in cadence
  • Downward Dog + Runners Stretches
  • Imperial Walkers – 10x, in cadence
  • Kendra Neumans – on your own

We then moved into the first Thang.

Thang 1 – Tabata:

Pulled out the ‘ol speaker and found my favorite Big Bird Tabata sound track [courtesy of YouTube] led by none other than Dr. Dre.  What more motivation could you need?  We alternated rounds between Curls and Skull Crushers.

Thang 2 – 11s:

This first started out as a group mosey up the hill to some waiting limestone rocks and park benches.  Here we did 10 Step-ups [both legs].  This was mainly to make sure we all knew where the turn around spot would be for the 11s.  then we mosied back down to the pavilion to actually kick off 11s, which was Merkins at the pavilion and Step-ups or Box Jumps at the rocks / benches.  It’s a long mosey in between – and one with a hill, which made for good work.

Time was running out and I still had another Thang – so we finished up the Merkins together and called it close enough.

Thang 3 – Merkin Waterfall:

I started with Merkins and counted to 10 – when I hit 3, the PAX to my left went.  Keep going and when it got back around to me I counted to 9 – and when I hit 3, the PAX to my left went.  Rinse and repeat until you get down to 1.  This made for quick rounds with little recovery in between since we only had 5 PAX.  But, we survived.


We had a few extra minutes for some core work, which included:

  • Big Boy Sit-Ups – 15x
  • Flutter Kicks – 10x, in cadence

Time was then called.


We went through count-a-rama, name-a-rama, named our FNG, announcements and intentions.  Announcements included the golf scramble led by Worm in September supporting Jarret’s Joy Cart.  Intentions included all of those small business owners – Grinder included – that are continuing to fight through the global pandemic issues.  Support them!

In the naming of our FNG, it was clear we had a little dose of writer’s block.  The FNG gave us content – but, we just lacked creativity on the fly.  Originally, we went with Coyote because as a kid he ran his bicycle into a trailer home going full force.  But, Indiana is a long way away – which means I had a lot of time to think.  And, I took the liberties of calling an audible [with the PAX’s support in hindsight] to rename him once I got home.

You see, the FNG and I work together…and I’ll be damned if he isn’t always telling me he’s got a vacation coming up or something.  The man must get 60-days of vacation.  He must have mad negotiation skills with the HR team.  Or, perhaps he has a bunch of properties or something in various places that he has to make sure to visit frequently.  Or, perhaps he’s just got a timeshare and he doesn’t want to lose out on his week of “his house.”  THAT’S IT — HE SHOULD BE NAMED TIMESHARE!  So, there you have it.  Welcome, Timeshare!

Great to come over the river and support Plumb Bob and Grinder and the overall efforts of expanding F3 Louisville into Southern Indiana.  It sounds like a long way away and I joke on it, too, but, it’s really not that much further for me to go there than it is to get to The O, Vets or Bayside.  So, give it a shot.

Jolly Rancher out!


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