Back-blast 8/1/20 The Ruiner @ The O

I’ve been actively coming out to F3 workouts for 1 year + and had never been to the original spot where it all started in Louisville. I was greeted by some new F3 brothers I’d never met before. They were super welcoming. I was excited to bring them some County flavor.

PAX – Aerobie (R), Violet, Vincent (R), Russdiculous, Tron, Yoshi, Handbook, Porkchop, Backflop (Q)

We started off with a light mosey around the tennis courts. Then we circled up for COP.

COP – 20 SSH IC, 10 GG IC, 10 Toy Soldiers IC, downward dog stretches, quad stretches

THANG 1 – 2 sets in cadence of the below exercises:

30 Merkins

30 Flutter kicks 4 count

30 Big Boy sit-ups

30 SSH

Now that we were warm, we moved on to THANG 2:

3 stations – run to each station and with every completion of a lap, increase reps of each station by 5.

Station #1 – 10x Merkins

Station #2 – 15x Mountain Climbers 4 count

Station #3 – 20x Big boy sit-ups

We got through about 6-7 rounds and moved on to THANG 3.

THANG 3 – 1x mile Seneca loop run. We broke the mile up into 4 sections, 1st section is 25% race pace, 2nd section 50% race pace, 3 section 75% race pace, and 4th section 100% race pace.

Wow, these O guys can hang! Great work.

Shout out to Violet. Hot damn, he can crush a run. Well done bro!

We circled up with 8 min to go and took this time to stretch. We added another 20x SSH to the mix and time was called.

Count o Rama, Name o Rama, COT

COT – We all need accountability in our lives. I can’t think of a better way than to lean on this F3 brotherhood. All the friendships I’ve made over the last year have meant so much to me. I am forever grateful for these relationships and hold myself accountable to you great HIMs out there.

I shall return (very soon) to a site near you – Backflop Q

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