Back-Blast 08/14/2020 – Burpee 11s @ The Garden Friday Black Ops

I heard the Friday Black Ops at The Garden is the hottest thing going in F3 Louisville (or at least I read that in my pre-blast). The Garden boys did not disappoint. After Pelican drew record numbers last week, I really did not know what to expect this morning but as I arrived it was already a pretty full parking lot so I drove up the hill for a quick look around as I knew I would need to modify my weinke to split into two groups. 

A light rain was falling and with The Garden lights turned off it was completely black in the lower parking lot, so I really couldn’t tell who was there.  I heard Fructose saying something (I am assuming talking smack at me) and noticed the silhouette of one of the baddest dudes in F3 next to him. Don’t ask me how I knew who it was, but as I said he was standing next to Fructose.  Tidwell was there as well and I should have locked that into my memory (more on that at the end). 

The clock struck 0530, disclaimer was given and confirmed. Extra caution and instruction due to Covid (it’s kind of a big thing in the news right now Fructose), and a warning about the 50 or 60 work trucks that would be pulling in during the workout. 

We moseyed up the front hill for COP. Not sure when Worm arrived (it was late) but he joined the circle before we got started and the total count was 18. Strong numbers.

PAX:  Uncle Rico, Nutty Professor, Latex, Nino, Fructose, Nice and Slow, Hushpuppy, Cratchit, Tidwell, Jewel, Jimmy Neutron, Catfish, Diane Dukes, Minnow, Wide Right, Worm, Huggies, Dauber (Q)

COP consisted of SSH IC x20, SSH double-time IC x20, Toy Soldiers IC x10, Kendra Newmans, Michael Phelps, Downward Dog

We then broke up into two groups for the main thang –  Burpee 11s. My plan was to run this on the hill, but in order to stay properly distanced one group stayed on flat ground at the top parking lot. The Burpee 11s went like this:  sets of 11s running full length of the front Garden hill (or group 2 the full length of the parking lot).  Each time PAX passed a speed bump (or island in the top lot), drop down for 3 burpees (both on the way up and back).  The first set of 11s were BBSU and 4-count Flutter Kicks.

As we got started, Nino mentioned that we should probably do 7s instead of 11s so we would have time to switch and complete two sets. He was right of course, but since he isn’t 1st F Q any longer I ignored him and we started on the 11s. 

I was right next to Worm and was going to get on him for being late but then noticed he was wearing Bengals shorts so thought I would keep it all positive. He rewarded my positivity with an inappropriate comment about Joe Burrow and his shorts so I uncomfortably “distanced” a bit. Nino and Jewel were out front of the hill group and I pressed forward to catch up, and then stayed with Jewel for a few rounds. That was until he mentioned that his “drawers were about to fall off”. So…if you are counting at home that is two comments made to me by two different PAX about their shorts and we were less than half way through the first set of 11s. I was concerned that perhaps my “hottest thing going in F3 Louisville” comment might have given the wrong impression, so I kept my conversations the rest of the way to more straightforward communication – “good job”, “way to go”, “keep your shorts on”, etc. 

As noted earlier, Nino was right. Parking lot group wrapped up while we were still finishing the first set of hill 11s (I realized this when Catfish appeared on the hill and started passing everyone).  We cut it off there so we could switch up for the partial second set of 11s (Reverse Crunches and 4-count American Hammers), and get through as many reps as possible. 

The Garden boys were killing it throughout, and not just the beasts that are often leading the pack but everyone was giving great effort or at least making it look like they were. Even Husky (who wasn’t there). 

As we circled up I noticed a bunch of guys I didn’t realize were there because of the split groups and darkness, including Nutty Professor who posted 3 times in 25 hours (bada$$).  We ended with count-arama, name-arama, Announcements (Taste of the Tough Next Friday, and The Garden moving up the official rankings of top F3 Louisville AOs), Intentions and a final Prayer.

As we broke there was some good mumblechatter with a small group that stayed around. Jewel noted that Pelican kept the Friday BOs PAX record by not showing up himself and perhaps convincing some others to join his boycott. I might or might not have dropped a couple F-Bombs before turning to my left to see Tidwell looking at me…I don’t often cuss at F3, but when I do I make sure a 15yo is within earshot. 

Thanks for coming out boys…it was another great F3 morning.


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