Back-blast, Incubator @ The Poshlands 8/10/20

As I rolled up to Gheens Lodge, I noticed the Mom’s group wasn’t there occupying our normal space. Their group has outgrown that space and they’ve moved to the parking lot adjacent to Gheens Lodge. Not gonna lie, it felt nice to take back the original space for the COP.

Disclaimer given with a focus on giving each other extra distance.

COP – 20 SSH IC, 10 GG IC, 10 Toy Soldiers IC, downward dog stretches, quad stretches

Nice and Slow
Diane Dukes
Jitterbug (R)
Double Down (R)
Bob Ross
Dry Rub
Meter Maid
Stick Up
Backflop (Q)

The THANG – mosey .5 miles to overpass (this is the overpass that connects south to north Posh).

I remember there being several rocks that fill in the side of the road, perfect for a coupon workout. I instructed the PAX to pick their very coupon, which ever suited them best for size and weight.

We started with 1 round of the following with aforementioned coupon IC.

30x overhead press, 30x bicep curls, 30x squats, 30x bent over rows, 10x burpees

I then instructed the PAX to put back coupons. Instruction was given to run a 5-10-15 rep WO. Here’s how this one worked. PAX do (on your own) 5x Merkins, 10x Mountain Climbers 4 count, 15x big boy sit-ups. Once each round of 5-10-15 reps were completed, the PAX run up to the top of the hill, do 5x burpees, the run down. Wash, rinse, repeat. After round 5, I increased the reps of the same exercises to 10-20-30, but kept the burpees at the top of the hill at 5x. I’m getting a little soft in my day I guess. PAX did 2 more rounds with the increased reps.

I then instructed the PAX to find another rock/coupon in the pile and go one more round of the following IC:

30x overhead press, 30x bicep curls, 30x squats, 30x bent over rows, 10x burpees

Once that was completed, we had about 6 min left on the clock to get back to Gheens Lodges so we started back.

As we were waiting on the 6, we did a some bit of Mary. I believe we did some gas pumps and SSH, but not quite sure exactly. We stretched for 2 min or so and time was called.

Count o Rama, Name o Rama

COT – I thanked the PAX for supporting the Q and AO. I also thanked them for getting out of the fartsack on a Monday morning and starting their week off right. I left them with some words of encouragement for the week and we went out with an Our Father.

See ya next time, Backflop

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