BB – Cliff at The Garden 08.25.20 IPC prep. Mogadishu Mile

As mentioned in the Pre-Blast, The Garden PAX kept practicing towards IPC starting next week. For this morning I picked a modified version of The Mogadishu Mile (shared earlier in the year during the Weekend Warrior Challenge).

PAX (time of completion after the name):

  1. Catfish – 22:07
  2. Uncle Rico – 25:41
  3. Domino – 27:32
  4. Fructose – 27:39
  5. Nino – 27:59
  6. Jewel – 28:35
  7. Husky – 28:48
  8. Gypsy – 29:55
  9. Natty Lite – 31:15
  10. Mr. Roper – 32:18
  11. Cropduster – 32:36
  12. Wide Right – 32:54
  13. Diane Dukes – 33:04
  14. Jimmy Neutron – 33:45
  15. Mr. Clean – 35:58 (FNG)
  16. Latex – 37:49

Challenge consisted in the following:

And it was done following this path (thanks Nino!):

It was a tough challenge and I am still amazed how easy some of the PAX make it look like. However, one thing that in my humble opinion is even better is how the ones who finished before, picked up the others as we were running the final laps. I was able to witness this morning that the phrase of “Leave no man behind, but leave no man where you find him” is definitely something that this group of HIMs practice everyday. Honored to be part of it. You should have seen the energy that brought Latex to the finish line, being pushed by Domino and the rest of the group.

After we all completed the challenge, finished the WO with a few minutes of Mary.

Finished with announcements and intentions. IPC coming and The Garden is ready! Reminded the group to feel privileged to be healthier and stronger everyday that we get up early and go to the gloom.

Until next time – Wide Right

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