Back-Blast Friday 08/28/2020 – Tour of Pleasantville

It was fantastic to be back out at North County (aka Pleasantville) this morning.  It was clear, cool, light breeze, and zero humidity…kinda. It was cool to see a sort of random crew of PAX this morning with some PV / County regulars mixed in with Mud Bug (first post-Covid post!), Timeshare (downrange from Chapel Lake), WILDflower (first time out since yesterday), etc. Would have been cool if Jolly was there…I hear he was a HC.  We were 13 strong to start (greatly outdrawing Pelican’s Q from last Friday)…disclaimer was given / confirmed, and we moseyed down to the amphitheater stage for COP
PAX (14):  Colonel Klink, Holy Roller (R), Fertile Myrtle, Mud Bug, Backflop, Pelican, Meter Maid, WILDflower, Timeshare, Brown Water, Cratchit, Captain Crunchberry, Faulker Faulkner Focker, Dauber(Q)
Some good mumblechatter as we circled up for COP, counted off as 13 and knocked out SSH IC, Grass Grabbers IC, Toy Soldiers IC, Kendra Newman’s, Michael Phelps, Downward Dog. I’d like to say things went smoothly during COP, but Pelican was clearly upset that I outdrew his mediocre PV Q from last week so he sabotaged the double-time SSHs which were planned to go to 20…not even sure where we stopped.  I think Holy Roller told me just to move on and do burpees (or at least he was thinking it), so he hit the first thang:  Spreading out around the bottom of amphitheater steps, we progressed up by doing 5 BurpeeBoxJumps at each step until we reached the top.  PAX stayed pretty well together up the steps…Fertile Myrtle was killing it right next to me though and I almost caught him before hitting my head on the stone steps on my final burpee (wish someone would have warned me of that before we started).  
One of my goals in the workout this morning was to ensure our heart rates stayed elevated throughout, so as soon as all PAX reached the top we started a mosey over to Main Street.  I was leading the mosey with Colonel Klink only because he decided to run at my pace (sidebar…Col Klink is a big dude and normal runs like a freaking gazelle).  He was telling me how awesome my Q was and that if you Q a workout where Holy Roller is the Site Q you are required to do burpees or manmakers, and was good that I got them out of the way early…check.
We arrived at Main Street 14 strong….what the what?  At some point during the mosey Faulker Faulkner Focker joined us.  He was shirtless as usual and my first thought was that he had parachuted in to meet us, but then I noticed he was not wearing flippers so that didn’t make sense.  Turns out Faulker Faulkner Focker went to The County by accident this morning which is weird since in my year plus in F3 I have been to County workouts or blackouts every day of week except Friday…it is literally the only day you can guarantee no workout at The County.  Well…props to Faulker Faulkner Focker for redirecting to PV and really not missing much except for the hardest part of the workout.  Where was I?  Oh…Main Street.  For the second thang we split into three groups with a group at each end doing AMRAP exercises and another as the push group.  Exercises were Flutter Kicks, Mountain Climbers, BBSU (not seesaws), Monkey Humpers, American Hammers, and Plank Jacks.  I was not sure if this was going to work, but I think it actually was pretty awesome and WILDflower told me that so it’s true.  The exercises were kinda hard but the biggest challenge was trying to navigate the sweat ponds that Pelican was strategically placing at both ends of Main Street.
As soon as we wrapped up on Main Street, Brown Water gave us a quick 10 count and we headed over to the ring of lights for the last thang which is something never done before and not based on anyone else’s previous average Qs.  We split into two groups traveling in different directions around the Ring of Lights. Group one started with Lunge Walks while group two ran. As soon as you crossed someone doing the opposite exercise, you switched.  It was executed flawlessly (objective assessment) and we completed two-ish laps.  I was timing my final lap with a light jog to end right at 0615 when Backflop flew past me like he was shot out of a dang cannon so I picked my pace up a little.  This gave us time for 50x LBCs IC.  Time was called and we circled the flag for COT.  Count-arama (a ton more PAX than Pelican last week), Name-arama (including Faulker Faulkner Focker), Announcements (Meter Maid is running some kind of Sandy Murphy Rucky thing at the Nest tomorrow that is going to be miserable), Intentions and ended with an Our Father.
Thank you for a great morning guys.

– Dauber

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