BB – Inferno @ The Station 9.3.2020 – Honey Do (VQ)

Epic morning Thursday @ The Station, 10 pax braved buckets of hailing rain delivered from the sky above….  Captain Crunchberry lead the attendance with flags in hand, Hush Puppy nicely backed in his truck “doggy style” with his head out the window, Pelican and Jolly Ranch rolled in, a brief comment was made about Pelican wearing a “white” tee in the rain (likely he wanted us to see his guns without going shirtless), same could not be said for Cochran who rolled in shirtless carrying a 55lbs curling bar (like a boss).  Rounding out the pax was LaPew, Cratchit, MeterMaid, BrownWater, HoneyDo (VQ).

The stage was set and the Pax was getting wet, we began COP with a mosey around the station, followed by Toy soldiers 15x IC(was supposed to be 10 but I was struggling to find my rhythm), Grass grabbers 10x IC(feeling more comfortable),  Downward dog(now telling myself “I got this”). Feeling pleased with the decision to neatly stick my weinke in a plastic bag, I explained Thang1: Tabata style (50sec on, 10sec break, 2rds each) bent over rows(w/coupon), thrusters(w/coupon),squats(no coupon), another lap around The Station. Although it was hard to hear in the rain Mumblechatter was heating up….Thang 2 – 11s grabbing our coupons we moved to the fire house. Instructions were given, curls with coupons (1 for each arm,2ct), jump squats w/ 3 step shuffle (demonstration), merkins. Halfway through Crunchberry calls out that there was a fire run.  Anticipating volunteers coming in hot the PAX moved back to the main parking lot, now next to LaPew he communicates in a soft voice “nice Q” which was music to my water filled ears. Finished thang2 w/ 7mins remaining so we set off on our final loop around the station, during which LaPew laid down in 5″ of storm runoff and did water angles(classy). We ran out the clock with High Knees and Heal Billie’s called out by Metermaid(thanks for bringing me home Meter).

CoR, NoR, ANNOUNCEMENTS: Ruck at the County this month lead by Mommas Boy & Alexia. Q-School week October 4th-10th. INTENTIONS: Rash Family as they navigate a cancer prognosis , Hack Family and there grandmother, all those said and unsaid. Finished with a story of how Pelican headlocked me and a Prayer. Thanks to all the Men that have prepared me for my this moment. Awesome group!!  Honey Do

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