09.02.2020 BB @ The Abyss

It had been a while since YHC had been to the Abyss and it was time to get back out there. The HIMs that show up on the regular are not scared of hard work and I knew that could handle what was planned.

PAX: Nino , Minnow, Mr. Hat, Flip Flop , Uncle Sam, Stick Up (Q)

In the pre-blast coupons were mentioned as a required item and for the first time everyone arrived prepared for the morning. We started with some COP at the basketball courts.


SSH x 20.
Grass Gabbers x 15.
Imperial Walkers x 15.
Downward dog L/R calf stretch, L/R runners stretch


We took a mosey past the playground to a nice long, straight stretch of road where 5 sets of cones had been laid out at 20 yard intervals. We partnered up in order to stay spread out. P1 bear crawled with the block while P2 performed an exercise at station 1. When P1 arrives at the first cone they do the exercise until P2 bear crawled with their block and arrived at the cone. This pattern continued along the road until everyone arrived at the final cone then we all moseyed back to the start.
round 1: weighted squats.
round 2: block merkins.

After the first two rounds time to change things up a little bit. Next P1 Bernie sanders to the middle cone and mosey back then Bernie to the last cone and mosey back. P2 performs lunges until P1 finishes then switch.

Next round P1 moseyed to each cone and did 5 burpees while P2 held plank until P1 finished at the last cone. Switch.

Final round P1 Carioca to middle cone and back then far cone and back while P2 did LBCs. Switch.

Time to head back to the flags for Mary. Flutter kicks x 20, LBCs x15. Time was called.

COT: countOrama, nameOrama, announcements, intentions, words of thanks.

Stick Up

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