BB- 9.4.20 – The Ruiner

I LOVE Q’ing on a Saturday. You get to fit so much more work in the the weinke… now, it was Friday, I was on the golf course with Uncle Rico, Cropduster, and Natty Lite – a fantastic group to play bad golf with. So I bounced some ideas off of them… all of them said they would NOT be posting the following morning. I took this as a thumbs up for the weinke. (it also could have been the beers)

Weather – PERFECT

Touch and Go
Tammy Faye
Motor Boat
Overhead (2.0)
No Nuts
Jewel QIC

Pulling in I saw the Ruck crew finishing up… except half of them left 😦

We circled up, disclaimer was given and off we went on the warmup mosey.

Stops along the way for COP:
25 SSH x 2 Kraken Burpees
Toy Soldiers x 15 x 4 Kraken Burpees
Copperhead Squats x 20 x 6 Kraken Burpees
Kendra Newmans/ Michael Phelps x 8 Kraken Burpees
and back to the tennis courts – I nixed the round of 10 kraken burpees…there was a sever hangover headache setting in.

Thang – Tabata with a small loop for the active rest.
1 min on and 10 second rest:
Apollo Ohnos
Wheezy Jeffersons
Thrusters –
Tricep Ext. (Skull crushers)
American Hammers

At one point Russdiculous asked if I didn’t like mumblechatter – I told him this was a taste of the Garden… because with those hills… no one has any oxygen to talk.

We completed close to 3 rounds and time was up. One thing I learned- that 1 straight minute of man makers, with only a minute in between, followed by 1 minute of thrusters is in a word, stupid.
I also learned that this group never ceases to amaze me. Also – for those that were at the Taste of the Tough, I want to remind you that Overhead is at 14, a certified beast, and he proved it again on Saturday morning. T-Claps to that young man.
I’ll never not be honored and humbled to lead this group.

SYITG – Jewel

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