BB-IPC Week 2 at the County

So the IPC workouts are hard enough without having to think and try to figure out how to set them up and do them. When the video came up it was cool, it was a wheel with a spoke and some flags and stuff. But how are we going to fit 10-20 PAX in one wheel without slowing people down or getting to close to each other during times where we should keep our distances. Luckily Mcaffee suggested ignoring the wheel and just giving everyone 25 yards to work with individually. Well that helped but trying to find that space and making sure every one had a clear 400 run was a bit challenging. I texted Jolly the night before and he said he’d meet me there about 30 minutes early to set up for this monster of a workout. I went to sleep early the night before so I was up earlier and ended up getting there a few minutes earlier than we said and started mapping out where we could do this workout. Brown Tail wasn’t there or he probably would have been there already. Airplane wasn’t there either. I tried a couple spots but determined the parking lot by the bball courts would be the best place to set up. I got some cones out and roughly measured the 25 yards using a measuring tape by myself. Each PAX had their own lane with cones marking the stop and end spots–basically a parking spot one end and the cone on the other. I walked the loop Jolly and team used for week 0 (I fart-sacked and did it at the fire-station) just to make sure it would work for this one as well. All seemed to be ok and when Jolly got there we measured the official 25 yards and set up. PAX kept on showing up and we got to 16–we had to extend our spaces a bit but it worked out fine. Bulletin showed up with no shoes or socks on and casually was putting them about 3 minutes prior to the workout. At first we thought he was doing it without them and maybe we missed something in the video that said you had to be barefoot (maybe that’s for next week). I finished my 15th explanation of the workout (next week watch the video boys) and then we got ready to start. No one wanted to warm up apparently which was weird but whatever. I insisted and then led us through a few COP staples–Toy Soldiers, SSH and grass grabbers and then we got started.

Then these guys were ready to get this over with–

Brown Water
Bulletin (R)
Le Pew
Jolly Rancher
Asian Zing (R)
Honey Do
Pelican (Q)

I turned on James Hardens’ pregame playlist–apparently he starts his pregame like a week before the game as there were at least 506 songs on it. Then I set the time for 43 minutes and we got started. People were flying on the first run and were super excited to get back for thrusters….and then the suck happened. I’d say the most challenging parts were in order–manmakers, derkins (the second rd especially), thrusters every damn time, rifle carries, Alpos (weird movement), kettle bell swings, squats and then vertical chest press. Oh yeah then running when you were done and starting over–put that somewhere near the top. But the boys crushed it–Yoshi led the pack with Devitto, Cochran and Focker on his heels. Shout out to Focker who messed up with manmakers the first round and went back and did them all. Everyone made at least one full round and no one made it to 100 rounds. Special shout out to Bulletin (shoes securely on at this point) who pushed me through the last 5 Thrusters we had and we ended just short of doing more freaking manmakers.

Overall I think this was easier for me than last week..but no where near easy. I think two things helped me–one knowing I was going to finish at the same time as everyone else and not being disappointed when someone finished knowing I was only half way done. Second being coupon work is one of my strengths compared to cardio and doing stuff fast. When Backflop and I are using the same weight I have an unfair advantage even though he’s a beast. I think everyone was excited that timer went off and I could tell the PAX were spent.

We did Name-o-rama, countarama, announcements and intentions. Cochran mentioned that last year on Labor Day there were only 4 people taking this on. To have 12 more than that is a testament to the growth of the group and the willingness to take on the challenges in our way. I’d say I can’t wait for next week but I can. But having my brothers there beside me will push me through it and make me better in the end.

See ya next Monday at the County!


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