IPC Week 2 @ The Abyss Backblast

Eight HIMs graced the dark grounds of The Abyss: Double Down (R), Huggies, Wildflower, Curious George, F-Stop (FNG), Captain Crunchberry, Whiskers, & Mr. Hat.

We did the IPC Week 2 Madness, and in the darkness of The Abyss and the haziness of recovering from manmakers, I couldn’t tell who finished first, but I’m certain Catfish was somewhere kicking all of our behinds.

It also didn’t help that Pelican didn’t show up for the second time in a row to be the DJ. My speaker died again on this day despite charging it prior to the WO. I need a new one anyway. So Pelican offered to show me how to charge it, but the problem is I can’t even get him to show up to The Abyss to be a DJ, so how can I expect him to show up to show me how to properly charge a speaker?

In the COT, some HIMs expressed intentions for a close friend of theirs that was inspirational to all who were there. Lifted a prayer for that intention, others, and for it being 9/11.

Hopefully I’ll SYITG somewhere soon. Hat out.

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