BB Pelican Q @ the Boondocks 9.15.20

So last week when I Q’d the day after IPC I said I never would do that again. Little did I realize that I had already signed up to Q the Boondocks this week the day after IPC Week 3. Ok I totally realized it but whatever. If you haven’t been to the Boondocks be sure to go soon. It has super fresh air (usually), stars and not only 1 but 2 (yes 2!) site Qs. Between the two of them they couldn’t get a slack message out the day before but at least they showed up with the flags this morning. Also secretly I was hoping no one showed up so I could stretch and maybe nap. Doing 300 pushups and 250 squats with horrible form is even harder than it sounds. The one good thing about Qing the day after IPC is that I can lead whatever kind of workout I want. Today what I wanted to do did not include merkins or squats. I did mention running it back to improve my time but my time could have been 4 days and I wouldn’t try to beat it. Anyway 14 HIM showed up to see what I had in store:

Colonel Klink
Bulletin (R)
Le Pew
Shark Bait (2.0)
Holy Roller
Hush Puppy
Pelican (Q)

I gave the disclaimer, asked how old Squids 2.0 was and then we got started. Did a short mosey back to the parking lot to basically find a turn around point for our future runs and then came back. Then we did-Toy Soldiers, Grass (ass?) Grabbers, Michael Phelps, Kendra Newman’s and then Downward Dog and Stuff. More than half the group did IPC yesterday so the stretches felt great. I said felt not smelt—Backflop was still feeling the dinner he made his boys when his M had a girls night. It was White Castles, wings, nuggets and a few other things he could make in the oven and fit on a pan. Sounds wonderful. And then Le Pew had lasagna and we were all downwind from him. So much for the fresh air of the Boondocks.

We got ready for Tabata and I asked Squid if I should change my playlist as it wasn’t the best for 2.0s. He said he warned him ahead of time (really?) so I went ahead with the Amazon playlist titled X-Rated R&B slow jams. The first round of Tabata was curls. After the curls we did a short mosey to and pass the cross walk (Boondocks guys don’t know what a cross walk is apparently) and then turned back for our coupons for Tabata round 2. By now the play list has the blood flowing and not in the way 14 guys in the park should have their blood flowing so I changed it to Rock Ballads. Apparently that was worse so I changed it to 2000 Rock Hits (it was titled Fockers X-rated mix for some reason) and we did some V-UPS. Short mosey and back for some shoulder presses still rocking out. Another mosey and back for some calf raises, with our feet in different bird positions. Pigeon, penguin and Pelican. Then another mosey and back for some curl to shoulder press. At a recent workout WILDflower tried to name these after me but I declined. Then another Mosey and we finished out Tabata with some big boys. We switched from summer country mix to getting to know 2Pac again. 2Pac is awesome even though everyone but Hush Puppy and Cochran seemed to disagree. He’s right up there with Snoop-they even have some songs together.

We wrapped with some more well deserved stretching. There was some great mumble chatter today-working out next to Cochran is always entertaining even though I’m not smart enough to understand half his jokes. I just laugh and nod and know how Dauber must feel all the time. Special shout out to Moab who had his first post Saturday and has been out twice since then. Double shout out to Airplane who leads the County in most consecutive Pelican Qs missed.

We ended with countarama, name o Rama, announcements (Jolly’s Ruck Sunday and Monthly Ruck from the county on 9/25) and intentions. We closed with 30 seconds of silence.

The picture at the top is the certificate that was given to me by the Batman and Robin of site Qs, no the Kobe and Shaq…no I got it the Snoop and 2Pac of site Qs! It was awesome and they made me read it. I knew most of the words and laughed when I didn’t. I’ll treasure it even though it looks like Cochran had it in his pocket the entire workout. Hopefully I can make the F3 Poet Lorikeet thing they mentioned.

Another great morning with my brothers getting better.

Until next time,


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