BB – Escalator @ The Abyss 9/16/20

I woke up to a cool and crisp morning…51 degrees out my way in Crestwood. In preparation (while dreaming of the WO) for today’s Q, I wanted to do something that did not involve Merkins or Squats. I wanted to keep the PAX moving the whole time with the least amount chest/bicep work. We did just that while working up a nice sweat.

PAX – Uncle Sam (R), Mr. Hat, Jewel, Harbaugh, Backflop (Q)

We started with a longer than usual mosey to loosen up and get the blood flowing, but not in the way Pelican was trying to get our blood flowing the day before at the Boondocks.

COP – 20x SSH, 10x GG, 10x Toy Soldiers, downward dog stretches

Mumblechatter was low today. The PAX showed up to put in the hard work and get better.


3x sets of 11’s

1st set was SSH – SSH, both 4 count

2nd set was Mountain Climbers 4 count – Plank Jacks 4 count

3rd set was Flutter kicks 4 count – big boy sit-ups single count

We ended with another longer than normal mosey and stretched.

COR, NOR, COT – thanked the PAX for coming out and supporting the Q. I appreciate all of y’all. Keep up the good work men. Ended with an Our Father. Backflop – Q

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