BB – The Fog @ Poshlands 9/12/20

We started the morning with a 6AM pre Fog ruck. Dauber, Meter Maid, No Nuts, and YHC was there for the ruck. We got about 3 miles in. Good work fellas.

I was happy to be back out at the Fog. It had been about 6 months since I was last at Posh on a Saturday.

One particular thing I was super excited about was to debut my new wireless speaker I got as a 5 year work anniversary gift. I went to turn it on and it immediately powered off. It was a head scratcher for me because I had it plugged in the day before for several hours. The only thing I can think that happened was my 2.0’s played music on it the night before, which I confirmed later is exactly what happened and then they never turned it off. Anyways, I was super disappointed because later the entire PAX would throw jokes during the entire WO. Meter offered his speaker, but I was too lazy to worry about music. We were gonna be on the move anyways and not in one place. Thanks though Meter.

The Fog @ Poshlands 9/12/20
Iceman (R)
Jitterbug (R)
Ladybird (R)
Meter Maid
Backflop (Q)

COP – 20x SSH, 10x GG, 10 Toy Soldiers, downward dog stretches.

THANG #1 –

Coupon mile (more like .7 miles)

We picked up our coupons and walked around the egg lawn stopping at each .10 mile marker to perform some exercises. Exercises were all 30x reps each. I’m not sure why I always pick 30x reps each time I do PT stops, but it sounds like a good number. There were 7 stops and exercises included overhead press, curls, coupon swings, squats, coupon over head flutter kicks, bent over rows, big boy sit-ups w/coupon.

Then I hear Dauber say I thought this was a run heavy WO…thanks for the reminder pal. After that comment, we headed back to drop our coupons.

THANG #2 – run w/PT mixed in

We ran 3 miles-ish and stopped to do some PT 3-4x. We did things like plank jacks, flutter kicks, LBC’s, big-boy sit-ups, etc.

Got back with 5 min to spare and did some Mary – gas pumps and such

Time was called.

Iceman and Gypsy had to bounce. Iceman did make the comment about how it could have been Q of the year if I only had music. Damn, maybe next time.

We headed over to the flag for COR, NOR, COT. Our NOR just so happened to be during the laddies group (that occupies the same space) COT. As I was going around the circle, I made to No Nuts, which the during the entire WO I thought was Numb Nuts. I was so confused that I yelled “I thought you were Numb Nutz.” Then he said, “nope I’ve always been just No Nuts.” This all happened when the ~15 or so women 10’ from us were all in prayer. Talk about awkward timing. You just had to be there. I then get to Dauber who had a huge smile on his face from laughing about my comment.

It was a fun morning for sure.

I thanked the guys for having me out to Q and we ended with a prayer.

Backflop Q

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