Back Blast – IPC Week #4 at The County – 09/21/2020

IPC WOs are tough. IPC WOs on Monday’s are pretty stupid. IPC WOs on Monday after a long rule on Sunday are really stupid. But, whenever I feel sore or tired, a good ‘ol fashion beat down continues to be the best medicine. So, onward and upward.

Got a text from Pelican at 5:07am suggesting that his back wasn’t feeling great from the ruck so he was not going to make it. For those keeping record and for the Commz Qs, I’ll count that as his SECOND fartsack of his own Q…all on the bookends of IPC [Week 0 and Week 4]. Even if an advance notice was given, it’s still a fartsack. I really don’t even think it was his back hurting him – I think it must just be him recovering from the whopping that my fantasy football team gave him yesterday. So, I’ll let it slide, Pelican.

Time was called and I realized as I’m drafting this that no disclaimer was given. Good news is that everyone has heard it before.


  • Focker
  • Malpractice
  • Holy Roller (R)
  • Brown Water
  • DeVitto
  • Double Down (R)
  • Bulletin (R)
  • Asian Zing (R)
  • Meter Maid
  • MOAB
  • Seal Pup (2.0)
  • Captain Crunchberry
  • Lucky Charms
  • Jolly Rancher (Q)

As I made sure everyone was in the Tron 1000 iPad, Captain Crunchberry led a few exercises and stretches to get warmed up. I have no idea what they were, but I’m sure they were great and helpful. Even Pelican probably would have liked them.

I asked if everyone had watched the video in advance – you know, since we’ve REPEATEDLY ASKED THEM TO DO IT. Yet, in week 4 there are still some that still must not have internet…even in these COVID times. Amazing.

So, we walked through to confirm the exercises. I’m not going to repeat them here because it’s available at F3Greenwood. Just know that it sucks and I may not be able to walk later.

Perhaps Pelican’s fartsack was expected because I met Captain Crunchberry up on the field at St. Al’s yesterday to mark off the 25-yard increments needed for the workout. We weren’t sure if it was a full 100-yards and our gut was right…it was a little short. Crunchberry had a fancy spray paint thingamabob that even the BUD [Before You Dig] guys would be jealous of. So, we marked off a full 100-yards and decided we’d figure it out once the IPC dropped the workout. After all, we’re creative people – we can handle it.

What wasn’t expected was the late drop of the WO from IPC…but, we got it figured out. Basically, we had lights and cones for the beginning, 25-yards, 50-yards and 75-yards across the lot. And, for the 100-yard movement, you just double back once – making sure you also mosey back the same way to get the full1 100-yards.

We got busy and things were going great. Feeling good during those first round of Murder Bunnies. I was slaying them left and right. The whole group was – we had piles and piles of dead bunnies everywhere. It was great. But, then we hit the merkins station. I think some of the bunnies started to revive themselves. They almost took over. But, we pushed through and kept murdering some bunnies to overcome the merkins.

Holy Roller was out in front along with DeVitto and Focker – our usual suspects. The curls and overheads definitely didn’t feel good after the sore shoulders from the ruck. But, I’d rather those than more merkins.

It was about this time that a car emerged from the gloom. And, a shadowy figure emerged from the vehicle – the silhouette of which looked familiar. But, it wasn’t until he made his way to the grass that I realized it was the one and only Big Bird. He made it out last Saturday for a run and it was great seeing him out. He walked up and down the grass like a coach [Dauber wouldn’t understand this part]. He provided words of encouragement and made sure everyone knew this was the last one – the last IPC week. Last one, best one. It was great to hear him push everyone. Come to find out that Bird was there for a little run and got there early to push the PAX. What a HIM!

The windshield wipers were a welcome surprise. You got to sit down and it was a core / leg exercise versus your upper body. A welcomed relief.

And that’s it. IPC 2020 is done for these 14 HIMs.


Countarama, namearama, announcements and intentions. Encouraged the group that the IPC is basically what we do every day, which is pushing each other to be better. Except, IPC we’re pushing all of F3Nation.

Humbled to lead this morning as always.

Jolly Rancher out!

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