BB Squid Q The Baptizer @ The Garden 09.25.2020

The mumblechatter leading up to this WO was strong on Slack. Somehow the PAX attendance became a competition, I think Pelican and Jewel took it as a popularity contest. Either way, the 2 HC’s were giving me a bit of cause for concern.

I came in a little bit early to put some boards in place before the PAX showed up. By the time I got to the parking lot Instadoodle (FNG) was already hanging out. He was told the night prior to go buy a coupon. Somehow, “Show up in the parking lot with a cinder block at 0530.” didn’t scare him off. Well done sir! One and Done (FNG) was conned into showing up over a few beverages the night prior, he came walking in like a ninja. Before I knew it we were 13 PAX deep and ready to put in some work.

I gave a disclaimer and emphasized to the FNG’s that we are not here to get hurt, only to get better. (I’d say by now they recognize that they got better and it hurt though!) They understood that they know their limits and were encouraged to modify as needed.

We grabbed our coupons and moseyed to the bottom of the Hill of Stolen Souls (at least I think that is what Jewel called it). You know how these garden guys are about their hills, they sure are proud of them!

We circled up and got our blood flowing and our bodies moving. Once we were warmed up I explained what we were going to be doing today.

Thang 1:
I’ve brought linus with me to a couple workouts and he was introduced to the Garden today. We were going to pick up our coupon, and like Linus and his blanket, it wasn’t going to be put down for the duration of our WO. We had two ladders of four exercises, one at each end of the hill. We started with 10 reps of ladder 1 exercise 1 and the rifle carried our coupon up the hill. Once at the top we did 10 reps of ladder 2 exercise 1. We did a half curl carry down the hill and did ladder 1 exercise 1 x10 and exercise 2 x20. Back and forth we went for 4 exercises at each station. Every execercise and every carry was with coupon.

Ladder 1:
10xAmerican Hammer
20xElf on the Shelf
30xShould Shrug (15 per side)

Ladder 2:
20xOverhead Press
30xStanding Single Arm Row (15 per side)
40xKettlebell Swings

While we as guys finished they held plank of did LBC’s until the six caught up.

For our final few minutes we cut-a-flip. We performed 5 big boy sit-ups, flipped over performed 5 merkins of your preferred variety, flipped for 5 BBSU, flipped for merkins, etc.

With three minutes to spare we moseyed back to the parking lot. We caught our breath and each guy stretched as they felt necessary.

I explained the COR and NOR for the FNG’s.

COR, NOR, announcements and intentions.

We learned today that a pair of labradoodles named 2Pac and Biggie are far more famous than any of the rest of us could dream to be.

Well done gentleman, it was great to be back at the Baptizer. It was even better to leave in one piece this time. My last WO here sidelined me for two and a half weeks!

Until next time,


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