IPC Week 4 at the County Take 2

I’ve never fart sacked the IPC Q two times in the same week so everyone knew I’d be there and ready to go this time. To be fair this past Monday was more a smart sack than a fart sack. The Super Samuel Ruck (which was awesome) left my back more sore than I expected and nobody wants to do murder bunnies with a sore back. Luckily it was back (ha back, get it) to normal pretty quickly and I made a plan with a couple other County guys to run it on Thursday and put this years challenge to bed.

The PAX who took the challenge were Dauber, Backflop, Cratchit, Honey Do, Hush Puppy, Muncher (Named after the menu item not whatever Tony Malito’s dirty mind thinks it is) and Pelican.

We got a late start as St Als was doing NTI and we collectively agreed sleep is cool. We arrived around 6 and saw some beasts taking on Squids workout. I didn’t realize til later that Honey Do used it as a warmup for IPC! He made one of us that warmed up. I was too busy setting up cones using the lines that Jolly and Captain marked for us to remember to do the disclaimer or any kind of warmup. Dauber caught me on the warmup but we all agreed it didn’t matter really so let’s just get to it.

If you want to know what the workout is go to the Iron Pax site. What I’ll say is it was hard and the murder bunnies amplified everything. From this point on we will not be murdering bunnies at the County anymore. Rain made the field nice and moist and left me covered in about a pound of grass (not Snoop grass just regular grass). As usual Backflop was killing it while I was picking up the six. Also as usual the music was fire—Dauber even almost liked it. Had something for everyone on it. My favorite part about this IPC workout (other than the obvious fact of it being the last) was that Bulletin stuck around after the Agony and rooted us on. Then Meter Maid and Holy Roller came over from the two workouts that were held at the Inferno that morning and gave us their support. I have a feeling watching IPC is way more fun to do than actually doing it. They already did it though so more power to them.

Anyway we powered through it. Shout out to the 16 year old Muncher (menu item) who is outshining his brother Overflow and is probably now Hush Puppy’s favorite 2.0. He’s been crushing it the last few weeks. Since this wasn’t officially one of my Qs and I sort of fart sacked Monday I’m not going to mention that Airplane wasn’t there.

We did countarama, name o Rama, announcements and intentions. I don’t remember it all but I do remember stressing to the PAX that now is a time to listen and try to understand. Everyone won’t agree with you and that’s ok but try to look it at from someone else’s perspective. We closed with a moment of silence (not for a small chronic break) and went and conquered the day.

Until next time


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