09.26.2020 BB Squid Q – The Ruiner @ The O

I showed up a few minutes early to scout the park and to determine if any audibles needed called.  I made one small adjustment to the WO and by time it was all said and done, the audible was definitely the right decision.

As I was getting everything together, the PAX started rolling in.  It quickly became clear that the mumblechatter was going to be strong this morning.

Once everyone showed up and the clock struck 0700, I gave the introduced myself and gave the disclaimer.  We had 13 in attendance, which was much better than the 2 that showed for my last Q at the O. 

PAX in attendance were: Diablo, Meter Maid, Russdiculous, Sump Pump, Violet, Frankenbaby, Dauber, Handbook, Viking, Old Bay, Tron and me.

I let everyone know that we were going to mosey down to the football field for the day.  When they asked if the grass was wet, I knew they were not going to like me by the end of the morning.

Once we got to the field, we circled up to get stretched out.

I explained our Thang for the day and watched the confusion set in.  I think they got the running from sideline to sideline alright, but introducing a few new exercises blew their mind.

The Thang:

Perform 10 reps of an exercise on the starting sideline, sprint to the other sideline, perform 20 reps of the same exercise, mosey back to the other side, 30 reps, sprint back across, 40 reps and mosey back to you starting sideline.  Once there we performed 5 FrankenKrakens before moving on to the next exercise.

  1. Plank Leg Raises
  2. LBC
  3. Climber Tap
  4. Windshield Wipers
  5. Plank Twist (J. Lo)
  6. Big Boy Sit-up with alternating punch at the top
  7. Push-up to Lunge (Name to be discussed later)
  8. Dead Bug (Dying Cockroach)
  9. Freddie Mercury
  10. Box Cutters (Nobody made it to the box cutters)

Trying to explain the FrankenKraken is not easy when I can demonstrate, it is especially difficult without showing the movements.  I’ll give it a shot nonetheless.  You start in a standing position, squat down, roll backward onto your back and then back forwards on to your feet (prisoner get-up), kick your feet back into high plank, down for a T-merkin, back up to high plank, plank jack, groiner to bring your feet in and jump with the clap on top. Sounds terrible, felt terrible, but flows pretty smooth after you get a couple knocked out. I was going to us this as a mode of travel with the jump being a frog hop, I decided against it after trying a few before the workout.

The push up to lunge was the other one that got a lot of grumbling.  You begin in high plank, bring one leg up under your chest, use primarily your core and that leg to push your torso up and raise your hands above your head.  Go back into high plank and alternate to the other leg.  Most of us eventually modified into standard lunges.  Not Old Bay though.  That HIM perform these with the grace of a ballerina until all of his reps were completed.  Because of that, push-up to lunges are now known as Old Bays at the O.  (Side Note – as we embarked on our ruck with Viking we found out why Old Bay was so good at these.  We noticed a yoga group performing basically the same move on the ball field, apparently Old Bay is a yoga enthusiast!)

Much to Meter Maids disapproval, every exercise was single count.  He asked multiple time if we were in cadence or single count.  Dauber quickly took the opportunity to kindly remind Meter Maid of the count regularly from there on out.

The grass was wet, the PAX was wet and muddy, the core was sore, the heartrate was up and the time was out.  We headed back to the flag.

COR, NOR announcements and intentions

For those of us staying to ruck, it was time to change clothes and catch our breath before heading out in 5 minutes.

Until next time,


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