09.28.2020 Squid Q – The Silo @ North Posh

I pulled in a little early to double check the space and decided to change the workout completely.

Holy Roller, Eto, Viking and I got stretched out once the clock hit 0530.

I let the PAX know that we were going to be out stationary today.

We did my around the clock merkins from last week at Bayside. 40 second of work with 20 seconds of rest for twelve stations that made three trips around the clock. The benches here made the offset merkins much more challenging. The guys were up for the push though.

I realized that I forgot the disclaimer, so I added it in here.

After the variety of merkins, we did the box jump, step up and class raises also like last week. Viking casually let us know that after his very active Saturday, he decided to do about a million square jumps on Sunday, barely slept last night and still nearly outperformed the rest of us. Seriously though, nice work brother.

We finished up with cut-a-flip, Burpees, dips and ab-o-rama. Holy Roller hasn’t had enough shoulder work, he decided we needed more Burpees for his Mary selection.

Time was called and we strolled to the flag. COR,NOR, announcements and intentions.

Thanks for having me out!

Until next time,


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