BB – Wisteria @ THE COUNTY 9/25/20

We decided to call an audible and move Wisteria to the County because it’s in Oldham County and didn’t have the 9-6:30 curfew. There was some back and forth about whether that was the right move or not, but who cares anyways. We’re all out here on our own free will.

PAX- 9.25.2020 – Pleasantville @ The County (Southern Wisteria)

  1. Holy Roller
  2. Meter Maid
  3. Hush Puppy
  4. Muncher
  5. Lucky Charms
  6. Jolly Rancher
  7. Mama’s Boy
  8. Pelican
  9. Dauber
  10. Captain Crunchberry
  11. Focker
  12. Sir Purr (FNG)
  13. Tidwell
  14. Fungi
  15. Backflop (Q)

We moseyed around to the front parking lot for some COP. 20x SSH, 10x GG, 10 Toy Soldiers, stretches.

I explained the THANG – apparently Dauber and Pelican think it’s a game to screw me up while I’m explaining the weinke. Thanks guys. Your turn is coming.

I had everyone count off in 2’s. For Dauber and Pelican (and apparently Hushpuppy…guess it runs in the family), that means if the person to the right of you says 1, you will say 2. If they say 2, then you will say 1. Hope that wasn’t too hard to follow.

Next you would think I asked everyone to do the toughest math equation. I had all number 1’s line up along the basket ball goal. I then had all the number 2’s line up directly across from the number 1’s. I asked the PAX to look at the person in front of them as they will be your partner for the workout.

I instructed all #1’s to run left and all #2’s to run right around the big .5 mile St Als loop. When you cross paths with your partner, the pax were instructed to stop and perform an exercise. After the exercise was finished, each #1 and #2 continued to run in opposite directions of each other so they would eventually meet up on the other side of the loop. Sound easy? Maybe this sounded easier in my dreams than in real life. We did this for a total of 7 intersections. At each intersection, we did 30x of 1 exercise.

Intersection #1 – 30x squats

Intersection #2 – 30x Merkins

Intersection #3 – flutter kicks – 4 count

Intersection #4 – big boy sit-ups

Intersection #5 – mountain climbers – 4 count

Intersection #6 – plank jacks – 4 count

Intersection #7 – jump lunges – single count

After all 7 exercises were completed, everyone headed back to the basketball goal and we had 3 min for some Mary. Since we had been running for the entire WO, I decided to take the remainder of the time to stretch, which I think everyone appreciated.

Count o Rama. Name o Rama – we welcomed Sir Purr (FNG)

COT – Meter Maid lifted up intentions for a co-worker that has some pretty serious eye issues. I thanked the PAX for sticking with me on 3 Wisteria Q’s (they’d all be in a row except for Meter Maid’s Q on 9/11). It’s been fun! We ended with the Serenity prayer.


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