Pelican BB 10.1.20 The Agony at the County

Once again Captain Crunchberry pulled rank and stopped the damn train in front of the County. Luckily I left early enough that the detour wouldn’t prevent me from getting there on time. Stupidly I didn’t take said detour and hoped the stopped train I saw wouldn’t be long enough to block the entrance. It was, so I back tracked, yelled at the Station guys and rushed to make it there right on time. Hush Puppy had texted me letting me know he had both 2.0s and the flags and would be there soon. He ended up beating me. Backflop and Meter were a bit late but all good they made it. Tidwell and Jerry Maguire were the most creative by making their way to the county by abandoning their car and scaling over the top of the train. Ok they parked and walked through it but my first story sounds better.

We ended up with 12 once all was said and done, which was great since Le Pew was trying out his sequence of returns for a black ops at the Boondocks and Squid was Qing for the 40th time this week over at the Station. The PAX that made it were-

Hush Puppy
Asian Zing (R)
Jerry Maguire (R)
Mud Bug
Rubber Duckie (FNG)
Meter Maid
Pelican (Q)

You will see that is Airplane is not on that list. I can only assume he got stopped by the train and had to go home.

While scrambling to get set up I noticed a FNG Ernie who later became Rubber Duckie. He came with Mud Bug and seemed like an awesome dude other than the whole played football for UK thing. Anyways I gave the disclaimer and made sure everyone knew to keep their space. Since running was part of the thang we just did a short Mosey around the parking lot and circled up for COP.

For COP we did—Toy Soliders, Copper Head Squats, Grass Grabbers, Scorpion, Downward Dog and stuff and then Micheal Newman’s. (You know Michael Phelps and then Kendra Newman’s, last time I write them both out)

After that we had everyone grab a partner and I explained the Thang. 1 partner would take a lap and stop at the play house and portico and do 20 reps of an exercise each stop while the other partner stayed put and did as many rounds of 5/10/15 reps of different exercises as they could. When your partner got back you switched and when that person got back you moved down the list.

The first round was v-ups/coupon swings/squats and box jumps. Then we had thrusters/plank jack merkins/curls and dips. Last we had burpees/upright rows/calf raises and derkins. We made it through 2.5 rounds of work. Highlights include the playing of the First of the Month by Bone Thugs n Harmony (since it was the first of the month, also they don’t have any songs with Snoop that I know of which is a shame), Peach staying beside Rubber Duckie so he didn’t get lost, Jerry Maguire rocking out to Wagon Wheel, Tidwell telling me to turn off the cuss words, and having 3 PAX 18 or under without their parents (well their real parents not Hush Puppy) there and crushing it! Also partnering with Backflop on runs is awesome, I did like 2 rounds of each thing and he was already back. Then I ran real slow and caught my breath.

We finished with some LBCs and then 20 Gas Pumps. We did countarama, name o Rama, named our FNG, did announcements and intentions. I left with having the PAX think about the obstacles this morning-it’s early, the workout is hard, I have a headache, my throat hurts, the train is in the way. blah, blah, blah. We all overcame those things today and can overcome the obstacles in our every day life. Ended with an Our Father and then went out and crushed the day.

Always humbled to lead,


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