BB Squid Q – The Inferno @ The Station 10.01.2020

I managed to make it out just as the other PAX were finishing up admiring Jolly’s new ride. We were hoping for a few extra to show because of the train that Captain Crunchberry had parked blocking the entrance to County. Unfortunately, this did not work as intended. Instead, it is rumored that PAX risked life and limb traversing through a semi-parked train just to share the gloom with Pelican. I don’t know what he’s doing on that side of the tracks, but it brings all the boys to the yard.

Meanwhile, back at the station, it was time to get to work. I gave the disclaimer and we took a short mosey halfway around the loop and stopped in the parking lot. We circled up did some typical stretches just to get warmed up.

I explained our one and only thang for the day. We had a series of holds that we would perform while the PAX would perform a designated number or reps of an exercise. We started at ten reps and worked our way down to one each on the last round.

The Thang

Al GoreJump Squats
Bernie Sanders down and back
Arm liftBurpees
Bear Crawl down and back
Elbow plankHip Twist
Duck walk down and back
Mosey down and back
Leg raiseFlutter kicks

After the burpees, we decided to get the next person started we the first was midway through their exercises. We would not have concluded on time if this audible had not been called. For the last round we moseyed back to the parking lot and finished up there. We went around the circle with some Mary work and then time was called.

As always, it was great to be in the gloom with Cap ‘n crew. I am fairly certain he is recruiting everyone in his extended family in an effort to stage a takeover of F3 Louisville. It seems like each new introduction at the station begins with Cap saying “This is my…” Well done brother!

On another note, if you didn’t cath Captain’s handiwork on Slack, it was pretty impressive. Captain Crunchberry went back and pulled the different dates for my first time at F3 and my various Q’s on this tour. He also found, with a little help from Jolly, all of the badges for each site. Then he when to painstaking lengths to create a faux passport to hype the Q today. Either Cap is bored and desperate to garner attention for the station (this is the fake answer), or he is another example of selfless actions taken by the men of F3 in an effort to build up the guys around them (this is the right answer).

COR, NOR announcements and intentions. Thank you for having me out!

Until next time,


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