10.5.20 Back Blast – Q School at The Incubator

Being the first morning of Q school week, and knowing many of the PAX who frequent Poshlands on Monday morning, YHC knew he had to keep it simple but by no means easy. We don’t get up for easy at Posh. Anyway, to start off Q week, the syllabus was read, studied, and hopefully translated into coherent words for those PAX that rarely or have not Q’d.

Jolly Rancher
Lady Bird
Pickle Ball
Double Down
The Babe (FNG)
Bob Ross
Holy Roller
Stick Up (Q)

COP: Mosey around the parking lot and finish back were we started. 50 SSH (IC), 15 Grass Grabbers (IC), 15 Imperial Walkers (IC), Downward Dog, L/R Runner’s Stretch, L/R Calf Stretch, L/R Pigeon Stretch. In between each movement we knocked out 5 BOYOs. Once this was all finished up we took a mosey over to the longer egg lawn parking lot for the THANG.


It was set up in a ladder fashion. Begin in the first parking lot with 5 BOYOS and mosey around the egg lawn. Stop at each parking lot and perform BOYOs but increase the reps by 5 at each stop. When one arrives back at the starting lot, bear crawl the length of it. Lap 2 was to repeat this pattern starting with 10 Jump Squats in the first lot.

With about 8 minutes left time was called so everyone could meet back at the flags for some Mary which included: Flutter Kicks, Gas Pumps, and LBC’s.

COT: countOrama, nameOrama, announcements, intentions, words of thanks. COT also started with the goal of Q school and how the intention was to help show HIMs who do not Q all that much how to do it. YHC’s goal for the morning was to keep it simple, clear, and hard. Hopefully there was some educational moments and some of you out there now have a little bit more confidence so you can step up and lead!

When we circled up around the flag and before we started the normal activities of the COT, YHC was truly awestruck. Seeing many of the veteran F3 HIMs who pushed my in the beginning, continue to challenge and push me to lead, and see the newer PAX who will be the next to lead was unreal. The future of F3 Louisville looks bright!!!

-Stick Up

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