Back Blast 9/15/2020 the Loco at the County Asian Zing Q

PAX: 12KimbleJerry MaGuire (R)Captain CrunchberryGiseleBull RiderCartmanLaunch Pad (R)Scratch-N-DentAshleyDouble Down (R)Crock PotAsian Zing (R) (Q)
The wing king Asian Zing used the entire campus for this workout. After COP (SSH, Grass grabbers, Abe Vigodas, Downward dog & stuff) we made three groups of four PAX and went through six stations spread throughout the campus. Each station had a sign with a prescription of exercises.
Station 1 (main lot w/ coupons):
Colt 45 curls, Thrusters, Overhead Press
Station 2 (office lot):Merkins, Mountain Climbers, (I can’t remember the third exercise here)
Station 3 (front lot):Flutter kicks, Squats, Burpees
Station 4 (stair tower):Climb the stairs 2x
Station 5 (under the portico):Step Ups, Dips, Lunges
Station 6 (near the garbage bin):Merkins, Calf Raises, LBCs
This was essentially Asian Zing’s 1st postiversary, and what a difference a year makes. He is stronger with a much better gas tank. He is a staple at the County. 

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