BB – The Nest @ The County 10/17/20

I think this will be my last Nest Q under the leadership of Pelican. He says I can’t have another Nest Q until the new site Q is announced. With that said, I tried to set up a weinke that would be good for mumblechatter. And that we did, the mumblechatter (mainly joke on Backflop time) comedy hour was in full swing.

I arrived with 20 PAX ready for a good ole Saturday beat down. Hot Tamale and Holy Roller (never say Holly Roller…I learned my lesson with that mistake) pulled up as disclaimer was given. So that made it 22 PAX in total.

Disclaimer was given – not sure I need to type that out in each backblast, but in case you were wondering, I am not a professional, modify each exercise if you need to, you’re here on your own accord/free will, and everything I mention is merely a suggestion.


Lucky Charms
Diane Dukes
Brown Tail (R)
Hot Tamale
Holy Roller (R)
Hush Puppy
Jolly Rancher
Asian Zing (R)
Captain Crunchberry
Honey Do
Tiny Tim (2.0)
Brown Water
Double Down (R)
Backflop (Q)

It was cold so I wanted to get the blood flowing early. We started with 50 high knees in cadence. However I ran out of breath at 40 so we ended there. COP also included 20 SSH, 10 toy soldiers, 10 GG, and downward dog stretches. We then took a mosey around the to end islands and returned to our coupons.

I mentioned we were going to do a coupon mile to which Jewel was confused along with some other guys. I thought “coupon mile” was in the F3 lexicon, but apparently not. I calmed down their worries and explained the WO.

THANG #1 – The Coupon Mile

This is basically walking with a coupon to each designated station and performing an exercise. Once you complete that station’s exercise, the PAX picks up the coupon and advances (walks) to the next station. For this coupon mile, we stopped at each light post on Mount Mercy to perform our PT. We left as one group and ended as one group. Everyone stayed together. We did a total of ~14 exercises 30 reps each, which are listed below. All with the coupon.

Overhead press, Derkins, Flutter kicks, V-ups, big boys, elf on a shelf, lunges, bicep curls, squats, coupon swings, and a few more I can’t think of now.

Secondly, Crachit’s 2.0 Tiny Tim thought weighted lunges was a stretch instead of an exercise. I left that one go since he’s not 18 years old. And to make matters worse, Pelican told him to pick on someone his own size. Truth be told, that shit right there was actually pretty funny.

Pelican thought he was clever and asked me during the elf on a shelf exercise where I get placed on the shelf at Christmas time. Tidwell thought it was funny and that’s the only reason it gets a mention in my backblast.

If it wasn’t for Dauber and Pelican giggling like little school girls during half of the coupon mile, we would have finished the coupon mile quicker and went on to the run heavy part of my WO. I blame them on the reason we didn’t get more running in.

We finished up the coupon mile with about 20 minutes to go. Many of the PAX were wondering why I called this a run heavy WO without running, but they were about to find out. At this point Asian Zing peace’d out and said F that. Nah, he really had to go.

THANG #2 – Run, just run

I had the PAX count off in 2’s. The 1’s ran left around the far islands and 2’s ran the opposite way around the other far island. I instructed the PAX to mosey on one side and all-out run on the other. Rinse repeat until I called time. We got after it for about 15 min. And put some mileage in the books.

I’m tired of typing this on my phone so I am going to close.

We did some Mary, gas pumps and something else. Time was called.

COR, NOR, COT – I explained how COT is meant for sharing what’s on your mind. I know we joke around with each other and have fun, but on a serious note, we have each other’s back on anything life throws our way. We pick each other up no matter what. And I’m grateful for all of you.


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