BackBlast 10/24/2020 The Nest @ The County

Disclaimer, Modify as necessary and your friend today will be your coupon similar to Wilson…

22 this morning – DeVitto Hollar BrownTail (R) Dauber Focker Cratchit Jolly Rancher Double Down (R) Honey Do Hushpuppy Tidwell Meter Maid Muncher Backflop Squirt Gun Super Soaker Lucky Charms Hot Tamale Asian zing (R) Brown Water Captain Crunchberry Holy Roller (R)(Q)

Mosey with Coupon to our warm up location. Coupon over head for 30 seconds while Hot Tamale counted in Spanish for us, slowly. 10 Incline Merkins – (slowly). 15 Dead Lifts – (slowly and together), 10 Coupon Swings, again slowly and on my count. PAX was getting better at staying together. Just saying, if we were at GrowRuck, we would have been doing a lot more PT…Mosey back down to where we started and circle up.

Geometry lesson was a rectangle has 4 corners. We counted into 4 groups and did 2 full rounds of:
Corner 1 15 Manmakers and bear crawl with coupon to Corner 2
Corner 2 15 Thrusters and mosey with coupon to Corner 3
Corner 3 15 Derkins and bear crawl with coupon to Corner 4
Corner 4 15 Big Boy Sit-ups with Coupon and mosey with coupon to Corner 1

Circle up for a cool down:
Slow and Steady Manmakers, Overhead press slow and count on up and then count on down (simply a dissected part of a Manmaker), the quick Downward Dog and back to Manmakers. PAX finished strong with the last 2 minutes of Manmakers! Well done! Love the way you all pushed the finish through the pain.

County Fair the Saturday after Thanksgiving, Ghost Q’s this week.

Thank you for inspiring me to get out and experience F3 with you!

Led in prayer for unsaid and intentions from earlier in the week, for each HIM and families represented, let us be the Light to those around us today. Amen.

Holy Roller

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