10.24.20 BB The Fog @ Posh

It was a chilly morning at the Fog and the crowds were filling the egg lawn.The was becoming a bit concerning because of a fan-favorite (not really) exercise that was being resurrected by YHC.

Once the clock struck 0700, we circled up and got some stretches in. Halfway through the warm up the last of the PAX came running up to make us an even 10. After getting the heart rates up and the muscles stretched, I explained today’s thang.

We would mosey around the egg lawn. At each parking lot, we were going to circled up and perform 25 of various types of merkins and 25 reps of different lunges. One type of merkin and one type of lunge would be performed at each of the six parking lots.

Standard merking and side lunge to the right
Wide merkin and side lunge left
Diamond merkin and step back lunge right
Sphinx merkin and step back lung left
Carolina dry dock and front lunge right
Hand release merkin and front lunge left

But wait, there’s more! While we moseyed, we said “Good morning” to each person we passed. If they responded with a “Good morning, we would drop and perform five burpees. The last time we did this was pre-‘Rona and the runners in the park were far too friendly. If that trend continued today, we may be doing burpees all morning.

If I recall correctly we only had to stop for burpees four or five times. It turns out that the soccer parents are far less friendly than the pre-pandemic runners. I’m sure it’s because they were too locked into their 12 year old’s career defining soccer tournament that was about to ensue. Either way, we were spared today. I can’t complain though, after 150 various merkins, I wanted nothing to do with additional burpees.

We made our way back to the lodge and circled up for some mary work. We threw in some sumo squats for good measure, mixed it up with a call your own mary, held a couple minutes of plank and cut-a-flip to burn the clock.

Thankfully, mercy was called just as the clock hit 0800. COR, NOR, announcements and intentions. As I write this two days later, my body still hurts. Just as planned, a simple weinke filed with merkins and squats was plenty to leave its mark!

As always, it was great to hang out in the gloom with the boys of Posh!

Until next time,


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