Diablo BackBlast from Big Mo at The Vet 10/26/20

Q: Diablo

PAX: (13) Violet, Vincent, Motor Boat, No Nuts, Russdiculous, Vacuum, Plumb Bob, Cousin Eddie, Tool Time, Tony Malito, Yoshi, Worm, Diablo

Kicked off Ghost Q week in style, doing what I love best – working out at an old school heavy, and hopefully motivating others to do the same. With the help of some good tunes, none of which can be played at your church service, the PAX got after it this morning, doing this:

PAX performed AMRAP of the following movements, using the suitcase carry around the monument to push the rotation. We almost made it through 2 full rounds.

Front Squats with Coupon

Sumo Squats 70 lb dumbbell

60 lb Sandbag Cleans

30 lb Kettlebell Swings

Resistance Band Rows

50 lb Dumbbell Shrugs

30 lb Ruck Plate Curl & Press

45 lb wheel press w/ flutters

Resistance Band Tricep Extension

20 lb Dumbbell Arnold Press

25 lb Dumbbell Curls

65 lb Curl Bar

Suitcase Carry 2 loaded rucks

With a few minutes remaining, PAX circled up for some planks mixed in with Merkins. We then finished with NOR, announcements, and intentions.

Heckuva good morning in the Gloom. As always, thank you for the opportunity to be a part of THIS.


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