BB – The Agony @ The County 10/22/20

As I stated in my pre-blast, watch out for that 5:25 train that stops in front of St Als. I went the back way to make sure I avoided the train, but much to my surprise, it had moved and was gone at 5:25 allowing for the PAX to get to The County in perfect time. I guess Captain Crunchberry forgot his weekly payment to CSX, so no train on the tracks this time.

We all gathered around, clock hit 5:30 and I went through the disclaimer that I am not a professional, modify the WO as necessary, and you’re here on your own free will.

We stayed in a circle for COP, which consisted of 20x SSH, 10 GG, 10 Toy Soldiers, and 10x copperhead squats (because Pelican didn’t do those at his weinke the other day).

Other notables – Dauber fartsacked (or smartsacked), Meter Maid was at the lake, Pelican notified me that my speaker had low battery and eventually turned off (not sure what I’d do without ya in the middle of a WO). Pelican only made 1 short joke or what he likes to call statements, so that’s a win in my book. The group of only 3 PAX working the stations were all in the respect category. I didn’t design it that way, but I think Jerry MaQuire was pissed at me. That sums it up.

10/22/20 Agony @ the County
Big Bird
Jerry Maguire (R)
Launch Pad (R)
Asian Zing (R)
Brown Water
Hush Puppy
Stick Up
Backflop (Q)

The THANG – 4 corner mini ladder stations

I had the PAX count off in 4’s, which we had 12 PAX and 4 stations. Apparently I can’t do mental math well at 5:30 in the morn so we had 3 groups of 4 and 4 total stations. I forgot my number and so I joined the wrong group making it a group of 3, group of 4, and group of 5. At this point Pelican’s head was about to explode because he likes to be right, but I digress. It was my Q after all.

The PAX were instructed to complete the full ladder of exercises per station, then move to the next. Once 1 round of 4x stations were completed, PAX were instructed to run 1 loop around the far islands in the parking lot. We all got through 2x rounds (8 stations) before time was called.

Station #1 – 25x Merkins, 20x Big boy sit-ups, 15 American Hammers, 10 Plank Jacks, 5 BOYOS

Station #2 – 25x overhead press, 20x Halos, 15x skull crushers, 10x mountain climbers, 5 BOYOs

Station #3 – 25x bicep curls, 20x seesaws (Meter Maid special), 15x heart breakers (Pelican special), 10x Coupon swings, 5 BOYOS

Station #4 – 25x bent over rows, 20x gas pumps, 15x LBC’s, 10x lunges, 5x BOYOS

We circled up for some Mary then stretches.

COR, NOR, COT – not sure what I said, but in my small pea sized brain I’m pretty sure it was good. Thanks to the PAX for attending another Backflop Q.

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