Back-Blast – The Inferno at The Station – 10.29.20 – Ghost Q

I had only been to The Station once so I was both surprised and honored when Captain Crunchberry asked me Ghost Q. I knew it 100% chance of rain so I wasn’t sure what we would get in terms of numbers. We ended up with 5 which wasn’t bad and wasn’t much less than some of the other AO’s that are known for having larger numbers.

Here is the list of those that braved the elements:

Lucky Charms

Honey Do


Captain Crunchberry


I kept the workout simple and recycled some things I’ve used before. That was all good until there was an actual emergency at the Firehouse so we had to modify the end. Here is what we did:

Warm-up One lap around the premise(1/3 mile), SSH x 25, MC x 25, Grass Grabbers x 15, Michael Phelps.

AMRAP – 10 Manmakers, 15 Thrusters, 20 Curls, 25 Merkins, 1 Lap

The goal was to AMRAP for 30 minutes. At about 6:00a.m. CC alerted that there would be traffic through the area so I modified. That was around 20-25 minutes in.

At that point, we finished the set or reps and did the following:

3/4 mosey 50 yds out, Bernie Sanders back

3/4 Mosey 50 yds out, Bear Crawl back

3/4 Mosey 50 yds out, Bear Crawl back

3/4 Mosey 50 yds out, Bernie Sanders back

Plyo work:

30 seconds Jump Squats / 30 seconds rest

30 seconds Jump Lunges / 30 seconds rest


30 seconds Merkin to clap / 30 seconds rest

15 Boyos

Ended with COT and Announcements – November Ruck 11/13, County Fair CSAUP 11/28, Dare to Care 11/14(9-12)

If you haven’t yet get out to The Station and support this AO. Capt. Crunchberry has don an excellent job holding it down. Thanks for having me. Looking to next time.


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