Pre-Blast – Jolly Rancher Q For the Gardeners : The Nest @ The County

Image result for gardeners working hard

Call me biased, but I really enjoy workouts at The Nest. I’m fairly certain it has nothing to do with Site Q leadership – so let’s not get too carried away there.

But, it’s the only day of the week where you can get in some decent extra credit beforehand and also generally it’s got a good mix of 2.0s as well as fantastic mumblechatter. On that note, if anyone wants to join me for a pre-ruck at 6am for 3-miles then hit me up [I’m in regardless; but it’s always nice to have company].

But, I was alarmed when I heard that Diane Dukes joins us from The Garden on Saturday because he “needs an easy workout.” So, you can blame the pain you’ll experience on Sunday on The Gardeners.

I haven’t 100% finalized the weinke yet, but I promise we’ll be moving and will stay busy the entire time – no super long distances on the running.

Bring some gloves for ground work and to protect those delicate hands from the corners of your coupons. Feel free to bring a friend, too.


Jolly Rancher out!

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