BB – The Inferno @ The Station 11/5/20

Backblast 3 of 4. Now I’m starting to get worn down at this point. Here it goes.

I pulled up with 5 min to go and see Captain Crunchberry standing outside his truck. As the minutes slooowly ticked down to time, Honey Do pulls in. So yep, there were just 3 of us.

11.5.2020 – Inferno @ The Station

  1. Honey Do
  2. Captain Crunchberry
  3. Backflop (QIC)

Disclaimer was given – I am not a professional, please modify as necessary, anything I call out is merely a suggestion. Oh and you’re here on your free will.

COP – 20x SSH IC, 10x GG IC, 10x Toy Soldiers, 10x Merkins.


Ladder, run, Ladder, Run Run

Ladder #1 – 100x air presses, 90x LBC’s, 80x squats, 60x plank jacks, 50x Merkins

Run a loop around friendship lane

Ladder #2 – 40x overhead press, 30x bicep curls, 20x skull crushers, 10x burpees

Run the loop 2x around friendship lane.

Some Mary with time left – 20x gas pumps, and such. Stretched.

COR (However it was very easy to count to 3), NOR (didn’t need my cell phone for this one), COT – thanked the guys and prayed us out.


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