BB – ToG @ The O 11/12/20

Backblast 2 of 4 – here it goes. Always great to get out to the O and see some new faces. Appreciate Violet putting me on the calendar.

It was a cold morning and I wanted to create a WO that would warm us up quickly.

11/12/20 – ToG @ The O
Vincent (R)
Harry Carry
Flo Jo
Motor Boat
Porkchop (BlackOps)
Fergie (BlackOps)
Sweat Shop (BlackOps)
Backflop (Q)

Time was announced and speaker in-hand was ready to roll.

Disclaimer was given – I am not a professional, Modify anything of the workout as necessary, you’re here on your own free will, and everything I call out is merely a suggestion.

I had the PAX mosey for about 1/4 mile before giving instruction on the main THANG, which included COP in the main WO.

I had the PAX run to every 3rd light pole. If you were a fast dude, once you reached the 3rd light pole, they were instructed to turn around and pick up the 6. Once all PAX met up, we performed an exercise. Then we rinsed and repeated to the next/3rd light pole in line. We did this for the full 45 min and made it around the big loop twice at Seneca park. One caveat, we started with a 25% race pace for the running and gradually worked our way up to 50%, 75%, and 100% max race pace.

Exercises as follows for each 3rd light pole stop.

100x hand raises, 30 squats, 30 merkins, 30 plank jacks, 30 flutter kicks, 30 Rosalitas, 30 LBC’s, 30 Big Boy sit-ups, 30 lunges, 30 groiners, 10 burpees. Wash, rinse, repeat for lap #2.

Let’s just say everyone was gassed at the end of it.

We stretched and then time was called. I have to say that Buschhhhh and Violet are freaking fast. Honorable mention goes to flo jo, great work.

We circled up for COR, NOR

COT – thanked the Pax and prayed for Handbooks Dad that will be finding out more on his chest pains he had the week prior. It was a pleasure guys! See y’all next time. Backflop.

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