BB – The Loco @ The County 11/10/20

So I’ve been really far behind on my back blasts lately. Call it laziness or just the fact I like to Q so much and can’t keep up. So here goes BB 1 of 4 needed to be completed.

Crockpot asked me to take the Q a while back and little did I know it would be for Hushpuppy’s debut as the new Loco site Q. Great choice by the way Crockpot.

I got there with 2 min to spare. I was running behind. With no shoes on and cones in hand, I was placing cones for a “spaced DORA.” Set my cones down and went back to greet the PAX.

Clock struck 5:30 and I gave the disclaimer that I am not a professional, you’re here on your own free will, modify any of the workout as necessary, and anything I call out is merely a suggestion.


11/10 The Loco at The County

Crock Pot
Hush Puppy
Lady Bird (R)
Beggin’ Strips (K9)
Rubber Duckie
Mud Bug
Jerry Maguire (R)
Meter Maid
Backflop (Q)

COP – 20x SSH IC, 10x GG IC, 10x toy soldiers IC, downward dog stretches and quad stretches. In the meantime during stretches, I was getting my awesome (it actually sucks) blue tooth speaker connected to my phone.


Each PAX teamed up with a partner and we did a 25, 50, 75, and 100% max workout. This meant the exercises and running during the DORA was reflected by the PAX giving 25,50,75,100 of their effort. So as you can see, it was gradual build up to a high heart rate weinke.

DORA looked like this.

100 SSH, 50 GG, 50 Toy Soldiers all 4 count – 25% race pace between this set

150 squats, 150 overhead press, 200 bicep curls – 50% race pace between this set

150 big boy sit-ups, 150 Merkins, 150 Gas pumps – all 4 count and 75% race pace between this set

200 mountain climbers, 200 plank jacks, 200 LBC’s – all 4 count and 100% race pace between this set

So as you can see, we started soft and worked to difficult. That pretty much sums it up.

Time was called.


Announcement – thanked the PAX for coming out and supporting the Q. We discussed the County Fair CSAUP event on November 28th. Be there and donate.

COT – I prayed us out and specifically prayed for the PAX to remain healthy as well as their families. See ya!


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