BB-Pelican Q Escalator @ the Abyss 11/18/20

The Abyss is really starting to be one of my favorite AOs in the region. Especially when Squid isn’t there. This morning was extra special cause even though the site Q Squid asked me to Q he wasn’t there. (He actually has a legit excuse for not showing but what fun is that). Anyways I got there just a few minutes early and started seeing people backing into parking spots like they do there. Still not sure I get that but whatever.

When the dust settled and the backups stopped we had 11 PAX ready to work:

Captain Crunchberry
Hush Puppy
Mr. Hat
Uncle Sam (R)
Maytag Man (FNG)
Lucky Charms
Flip Flop
Pelican (Q)

We circled up and was sure to give a real disclaimer given we had a FNG in our midst. We did the following for COP-

Toy Soldiers 10 IC

Grass Grabbers 10 IC

SSH 10 IC (it was cold so wanted to get warm and did these stupid things)

Michael Newman’s OYO

Downward dog and stuff

10 Merkins IC single count 😉

Then I explained the thang…but not before we talked about the couple under a blanket by the lake one morning (not Backflop but he’s done that apparently, maybe 9 months before squirt gun was born), my wedding that Dauber no showed on, Captain Crunchberry proposing to his wife at the Abyss (we don’t think it was during or after a workout but I’m not 100% sure) and a bunch of other random things. Since we were in a loving move I had the top country love song play list ready to go but the PAX wanted to hear Christmas music instead so I got that ready to go. Oh yeah back to the thang—so last week at the station we did partner 11s but the reps were on your own. I heard feedback from the PAX that that was stupid and hard to count (except Mr Hat he was very complimentary of last week’s workout). So with that in mind I changed up the partner 11s to share the reps. One partner would run to the boat ramp to the bottom of it and do 10 Merkins and come back (at least .5 mile total but more like 6 miles in reality). The other would work on the 11s on the b-ball court. When partner 1 got back he picked up where partner 2 was. The sets of 11 were—

Shoulder press/v-ups

Curls/big boys

Upright rows/hammers (2 ct)

Bent over rows/flutter kicks (4cts)

All of the reps were with coupon so your coupon had to travel with you down and back. Our FNG Maytag crushed the workout including his coupon about half way through it. I also heard complaints about other PAX not counting right, so last week it was I can’t remember one number and this week my partner can’t count. You know who can count at least up to 36, Airplane. 36 represents the #of consecutive Q’s of mine he’s missed. Anyway back to the thang, the boys were crushing it especially the groups including Mr Hat, Hush Puppy, Flip Flop and Backflop. They could have just been one big group and all sharing reps but still seemed impressive. I think we all got through 2 rounds and maybe 3 but we were often distracted by shooting stars so we didn’t finish them all.

Had enough time for some Mary and it was gas pumps (15 IC), Freddy mercuries (15 IC), heart breakers (15 IC), LBCs (14 IC for some reason) and then we held plank for 30 seconds or so to close out.

Closed with CoR, NoR (welcome Maytag Man who is retiring from the Army very soon, thanks for your service!), announcements (be on the lookout for County Fair news, changes coming), and intentions (there were a lot but the ones that come to top of mind are for Tidwell’s mom who starts radiation soon, Mr Hat and his M, Hush Puppy encouraging everyone to phone a friend and some other equally important stuff).

This AO may not have the hills of the Garden or the super cool bird PAX like the County but this place has a great group of guys who show up consistently, work hard and look out for other PAX (and a lake where you can go under the blankets with your M or whoever else you’d like to do that with). If you haven’t been there go soon—whenever the world gets back to normal they like to start at 5🙀!

Always feels good to lead.

See ya soon


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