PB: Motor Boat Q – The Hurt at The Mutt – Saturday Nov. 21 at 7am

50+ DEVGRU ideas | navy seals, special forces, us navy seals
Shredder: we hear you in our heads even when you’re not around.

I am filling in as Q for Meter Maid. With my 2.0, Overhead, we have cooked up a super-size serving of The Red Pill. Accelerate into your weekend. Boo hoo, it may rain. GOOD. More opportunities to get tougher. Gloves are recommended. Bring a coupon if you like, but the Mutt has spares (being the fancy, well-provisioned AO that it is…) so if you don’t bring one, you can still enjoy *all* the fun in store. We’ll be running, we’ll be competing in teams, and we’ll be getting better.

As we learned at GR21:


You won’t want to lose tomorrow. SYITG.

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