BB: Motor Boat Q, The Hurt @ The Mutt, 11-21-20.

Every day men make decisions. Some men decide to let inertia rule their lives. They don’t get better; they decay, regress, depreciate, corrode, and fade. Other men decide to fight, lead, improve, grow, learn, and win.

Five such men [Sump Pump, Tiger, DiGiorno, Wham-O (R), and Ronnie Beaver] HIMs all, decided to show up on a great November Saturday at the Mutt this morning, with 57 degree temperatures, low cloud, and a strong mist. Led by Motor Boat (Q) and his 2.0, Overhead, as XO, we all got a little bit better, more humble, more resilient, and tougher.

The Daily Red Pill was dosed as follows:
1 Mutt Mile. Because we ran into no one except Tiger, coming in HOT for the workout (and a potential ghost sighting of Soft Top, who may have thought the flag so bravely flying at the AO was all that was left of the PAX who had gone out running, and so left us to our own devices, and, like a sane man, went off to get coffee and breakfast, without an appetizer of the DRP), no one in the neighborhood mistook us for a militia and called the police while we were submerged in a creek, singing the national anthem some time around midnight. What a relief. (Not like that has ever happened before….)

1 COP, including SSHs, copperhead squats, merkins, and downward dog and associated stretching.

The Thang: A Competition. Between 3 2-person teams, with Overhead serving as extra to Motor Boat’s team. We got coupons, and went to the football field for Relay Races. One person was the coupon carrier, getting it down and back, freestyle. The other person was the Strong Man, doing 10 burpees when the coupon carrier was at the far end of the field, and then 10 manmakers when he got back. The reward for finishing was Punishment. Like Oprah, “everyone gets a Punishment.” And we did not try to be sensitive, or caring, about such Punishments. Microaggressions happened. People dealt with it, somehow. A joy to behold.

But because IT PAYS TO BE A WINNER, the winning team in each race got a smaller punishment. You did not want to lose. After Punishment, the PAX did an Indian File (Native American File?) run around the path behind the Mutt’s field. This cycle repeated 4 times, with the Punishments including merkins, burpees, and big boys in varying doses – enough to notice, but not enough to take the PAX out of the game. The opportunity for leadership was shared among the PAX – Overhead, Tiger, and DiGiorno took turns on point. Sump was a tough, consistent force.

Ronnie Beaver never complained, and never quit.

Wham-O helped his team win all but one of the relays – the man’s a blur with a coupon on his shoulder.

As we moved towards the top of the hour, we returned the coupons, and moved to the Mutt Tent for an abbreviated Mary including flutter kicks, gas pumps, and merkins.

COT moved back to the flag. COR proved we did indeed leave no man behind. NOR – the usual. Announcements were light – but noted that in the Age of Lockdown 2.0, many AOs are changing locations, especially out near The County, so don’t fail to check Slack for changes. For Intentions, DiGiorno did Motor Boat’s work – no need for a stump speech – because he had great remarks about the importance of Resiliency in this crazy year of 2020, and the need to *build* our strength, so we can *be* strong for the people who need us, many of whom are getting pretty worn down.

Esse Quam Videri. Be the men that are needed, rather than only seeming to be those men.

Motor Boat closed out with the Lord’s Prayer. The PAX adjourned to Coffeeteria at Heine’s on Chenoweth, where they met up with the survivors of Violet’s sprint-focused beat down at the O. People were in good spirits, most of all because Handbook turns out to be alive, after all. The Second F factor was strong.

I love seeing people show up, work hard, and get better. This group matters, and the investment each of us makes in it matters. Thank you for getting out there and Getting After It. Stay strong; never quit.

Thank you also to Overhead, who was extremely helpful as XO, co-workout planner (see his worksheet below), Mutt Mile pathfinder, and tough PAX in all the workout. The kid’s a beast, and “the DRP is strong in him”. Consider getting your 2.0s out to The Gloom, men. It’s awesome.

Motor Boat, Q.

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