BB 11/25/20 FOUNDRY @ the station w/ WILDflower

PAX – Browntail (R), Holy Roller (R), GQ, Brownwater, Wildflower (Q)

Warmup – COP

Bootcamp style work out

Started with a few rounds of murder bunnies (3) 50 yard stents. At the end of each 50 yard stent we did 90 seconds on & 15 seconds rest, rinse and repeat….the exercises were:

Static curl hold at 90deg


Overhead press

Rifle carry hold

Behind head/neck squats

Sumo squats

Skull crushers

Rifle carry hold

Gas pumps

Low plank hold

Sumo squats

Offset merkins

Flutter kicks

Wide/regular/diamond merkins



….again all of these were done 90 seconds at a time with 15 second rest in b/n

COT- prayed us out thanking God for these bodies he has gifted us with and the F3 nation that keeps us accountable and moving every day!

Until next time…Happy Thanksgiving Gentleman – WILDflower

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