BB-Pelican Q Wisteria @ Pleasantville 11/20/20

Ok once again a late backblast from me. As half of the Commz Q I really should get more timely at these but I like to spend a lot of time writing them and need to be focused to do so. Well I have neither time nor focus right now but going to get this done now.

Wisteria is still at Pleasantville these days, as is the Loco currently even though Dauber tried to send everyone to the Station but some dude named Chad saved the day.

I was excited to Q Pleasantville as I knew I’d be retreating from the gloom a bit over the next few weeks as COVID was spreading, the kids were put on NTI and we need help of my parents (who are older than me). So I wanted to plan a great workout…well that didn’t happen and we ended up with a mediocre workout (which is pretty good for me) and I changed the play list about four times.

The HIM that showed were-

Jolly Rancher
Holy Roller (R)
Hush Puppy
Soft Top
Pelican (Q)

Still no Airplane.

We started out with some warmup stuff. I don’t remember exactly but don’t think we did SSH. I do remember doing random numbers and asking the PAX the significance, which there wasn’t one but was hoping someone would come up with a great reason and I could go with that.

We got ready for the thang. Everyone seems to love partner 11s so we did those again…probably for the last time. This time they were keep your own count and the other partner ran a loop around the lighted park thing. The sets of 11s were-

Incline/decline merkins

Dips/one legged squat 2 ct

Incline/decline pickle pounders

The 11s were done at the top and bottom of the amphitheater and to get to the top you are to box jump. I once again partnered with Holy Roller when it did not benefit me one bit that the man is a beast. Dauber and Backflop are beasts and were setting a blazing pace—probably helped that they were cutting thru the middle of the park. I called them out once on it but couldn’t keep up with them the rest of the time to see what they were doing. By the end of the 11s I was only going up about 3 steps. Partly because I was tired and partly because I was listening to Charlie Murphy talk about Rick James on the Chapelle show. Which isn’t a podcast as I told numerous PAX that day. I’m glad I did this cause the Chapelle Show was pulled from Netflix at Dave’s request because apparently he wasn’t paid for it. The key learning here is if you happen to have a successful show be sure your contract includes streaming rights. Anyway we made it through about two rounds or so and it was time for some Mary. Don’t remember what we did except for we did do incline/decline/regular pickle pounders as most PAX didn’t get to the last set of 11s. Decline pickle pounders are hard but seems like a great angle.

We did CoR, NoR, announcements and intentions. Again 5 days later and I forget most of it but do remember Motor Boat mentioning our Ms being bored during intentions and I kindly reminded him that’s why we did pickle pounders at different angles. That should help for a day or two.

Anyways it’s been 5 days since I’ve been to the gloom, no BlackOps, nothing. Kind of sucks but using the time to rest my knee. Hoping everyone has a great thanksgiving!

Until next time,


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