BackBlast – 11.27.20 – The Baptizer at The Garden at North Posh

Yes, for the 3 of you reading this I know it is late…very late. But you don’t understand, Black Friday also BCBS day, so there was some very important beer to purchase and as luck would have it, drink on Friday which has delayed the writing of this all important BB.

I was pumped for an hour long weinke the day after Thanksgiving, then Gypsy tried to kill people on Thursday… wasn’t sure how many would make it out on Friday following his workout. 7 brave and outstanding HIMs (ok, 6) showed up to work off the tryptophan overdose.
Diane Dukes
Husky – R
Double Down – R
Natty Light
Jewel – Q

Disclaimer was given right at 0700 and we set off on a mosey. We ducked behind the bathrooms to use the back path and took the long way around the hallowed grounds of NP, stopping along the way for COP with various exercises and a Kraken burpee extravaganza. All told, we made 10 stops and worked up from 1 to 2 to 3 and so on until we hit 10 krakens when we returned to the parking lot. For those counting at home, that is 55 Kraken Burpees at 165 HR Merkins. Now it was time to get down to business.

Thang 1: Tabata (50/10) – no rest for the weary
– Burpees
– Merkin pull throughs
– Squats
– Manmakers
– Curls
— We did this 2x with 60 sec rest in between sets.

Thang 2: Perform each exercise then run to US60 and back
– 15 Burpees
– Merkin Mountain – 15 each – merkins> traveling merkins> incline merkins> derkins
– 50 Curls > 25 Thrusters > 25 Skull Crushers

Everyone got through at least one full round of Thang 2. Husky of course crushed it. He’s a machine. We ran about 3.5 miles and got some good chest work done. It was a great group and mumble chatter was awesome.
Let the group know that it was my 200th or so post for the year and just how thankful I am for F3. I also let them know how incredibly thankful I was for each of the men that showed up on a day where it is so easy to fartsack.

Always honored and humbled to lead this group.

– Jewel

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