BB – Sump Pump Q – Virtual BO at “The Pump Station” 12-3-2020

PAX: Motor Boat, Yoshi, McAfee, Handbook, Sump Pump (Q)

Conditions: Cold but dry. 25ish degrees.

530: disclaimer given. This was VQ for this Covid Virtual workout thing. I gave my disclaimer and was then given a few suggestions by the PAX on how to help keep zoom feedback to a minimum. Counting the entire cadence is harder than you think. 🙂


-Runner stretch
-Copperhead Squat
-Apolo Ohno – Speed Skater style side hops
-Everest – Lunge up one step, perform 1 squat, lunge up with other leg, perform 1 squat.
-21s – In unison PAX does 2-count side straddle hop and counts reps 1-5 out loud. Reps 6-21 are all mental and everyone must stop together at 21. If anyone stops early or goes over Q has PAX perform penalty workout of Q’s choice. The penalty was to run for 2 minutes and return.
Everest – Lunge up one step, perform 1 squat, lunge up with other leg, perform 1 squat.
-Colt 45 – 45 Cinder Block Curls (Similar to 21’s). 15 reps go from the bottom of the movement up to the halfway point (with your arms at a 90 degree angle and hands at elbow level). 15 reps Go from the halfway point up to the top of the bicep curl (hands up near shoulder level). 15 reps Start at the bottom of the movement and complete a full range of movement all the way up.

Thang 1
Burpee Mile – 12 burpees, run for 2 minutes. Rinse and repeat 4x.

Thang 2
Climate Change – While the Pax holds the ‘Al Gore’ pose, PAX 1 starts a five manmaker time bomb…. Continue the countdown until everyone reaches 1. (We only did this one time around)

Thang 3
Merkin Jax – Routine follows a 1:4 ratio. Exercises are Merkins and plank Jacks. Routine: 1 Merkin. 4 plank Jacks. 2 Merkins. 8 plank jacks. Up to 5/20 and back down the mountain.

Each PAX called out an exercise: Flutterkicks, Boxcutters, American Hammers, Gas Pumps and one other to end our time together.

COT: We asked for continued prayers for everyone that has any hardships in their life at the moment. McAfee asked for prayers and well wishes for his TWO job interviews today!!

I am grateful for everyday that HE allows me get out in the gloom and lead this group of HIM.


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