Back Blast 12.2.20-The Foundry @ The County

I have always been a little intimidated when it comes to Q’ing a Heavy style workout. I think it’s because to me, there’s a lot more thought that goes into it. What weights to bring? How many of each? How many stations do I set up? What if I plan for 5 dudes and 15 show up? What if the plan is for 15 and only 5 show up? As you can tell, I let it get into my head…However, under our current situation, we can’t share weight anyway, right? So we can bring our own coupon and use it the entire time and let that be our extra weight. The week prior, when Brown Water said he needed a Q for Wednesday’s Heavy workout at the Foundry (back at St. Aloysius!!), I figured this would be a good opportunity to knock some dust off and put my Q skills to the test. I’ve been a bit out of practice after all. Sign me up B Dub! Suffice it to say, I didn’t get much sleep the night before and found myself waking up at 0300 playing the wienke over in my head, nervous on how it was going to go. As I finally pull myself out of the Fartsack at 0450 I look at the temp and see it is a chilly 23 degrees. That’s ok though, I feel pretty confident we’ll warm ourselves up pretty quick. As 0530 came upon us, there were 6 other PAX in attendance hoping that whatever was in store, we would get our blood pumping quick.

The PAX: Devitto, Timeshare, Holy Roller (R), Heimlich, Brown Water, Honey Do, BigBird (QIC)

We would grab our coupons and mosey to the island in the big lot. From there for COP we would: SSH, Pogo, Grass Grab, Abe Vagoda, Mountain Climb, Plank Jack and finish off with some Michel Phelps.

Slaughter Start: 10 ManMakers OYO

Coupon mosey: run the length from island to island farmer carry on one side. At the other island switch sides and farmer carry back. Coupon over head mosey from island to island. Recover and prepare for…

The Thang: Ladder workout. 5, 10, 15, 20, 15,10,5: do the amount of reps for each: coupon merkin, coupon thrusters, coupon curls, coupon skull crushers. After each set, throwing the coupon up on your shoulder and mosey to the other island.

15 minutes left so we would next tackle 11’s with burpees and jump lunges. WOOF boys!

Time was called.

I learned this about the PAX on this day: Heimlich got after it on only his 4th post! Strong work! Brown Water and Honey Do are silent warriors. Crushed it! Timeshare: you know that spot on the ladder when it recommends you not go above a certain point? That was time share going to 25 reps! WOOF! Holy Roller and Devitto proved it’s true you only get better with age as they got well into a second round of the ladder!! Beast Mode fellas! Proud of all of your Grit Boys!

We circled up for COT, COR, NOR, announcements and intentions.

Said a word of Thanksgiving to the Sky Q for allowing us to wake up, put our feet on the floor and to look forward to the prospect of another day.

Until next time…


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