12.10.2020 The Inferno @ The Station Back Blast

Thursdays at the station. You never know what you’re going to have as far as PAX numbers. I guess it all depends on how much cash Captain Crunchberry gives the train engineer the night before. Apparently this week he had to worry about the holiday shopping season because the train was late, allowing the County to be accessed.

PAX: Honey Do, Capt Crunchberry, Pew Pew (Q), Stick Up (Q)

This particular CoQ mashup started with Pew Pew and the COP.

COP: SSH, Grass Grabbers, Imperial Walkers, Downward Dog, Michael Phelps. Grab your coupons and head across the street to the parking lot for Four Corners.

THANG 1: 1st corner 5 manmakers, mosey counter clockwise to Corner 2. 10 Block Merkins. To corner 3, 15 weighted squats. Corner 4 20 BBSUs with coupon. Return to the starting point and repeat. After a few laps, Pew Pew switched up some of the exercises in order to jack up the suck. A couple of laps later, the watch made a beep and it was time to switch Q duites. YHC took over and started off with a coupon loaded mosey around the block and finished up at the bottom of the hill below the fire station driveway.


7’s (due to time constraints). At the bottom of the hill, manmakers. Bernie to the top by the flags (a lot longer than it looks), burpees at the top. Mosey back down to the bottom. Started with 1 manmaker and worked it from there. Just as the PAX finished the last round it was time to call it a day and circle up for COT.

COT: NameORama, Announcements, Intentions, Words of Thanks. Again, thanks Capt Crunchberry for asking us to lead you gentlemen on this morning!

Pew Pew & Stick Up

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